signing my life away

The Poll is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed or called me with their vote for my headshot.  With careful consideration speaking with my manager in la la land and by popular demand my new headshot will beNumber 2

Quickly – I started at PCPA on Tuesday. First two days were dumb, and filled with ready a syllabus for every class and introducing myself 406 times – ish. The last few have begun the great experience that will be PCPA.  Yes folks “i think i’m gonna like it here”  I’d love to tell you more, but I’m terribly busy with projects and homework.  I dont’ think you’ll see much of me but I’ll try to post SOMETHING so you know i’m alive and where I am. . . ish.

I may have to quit the green apron entirely.  Actually the school handbook says I can’t have an outside job, if I want one or NEED one I must sign a contract that says this job will not affect my work at school etc.  We’ll see, it may be best for me to leave.  With just the past couple days I feel a bit overwhelmed with projects I dont’ know if I want to worry about working.  hello student loans.

that’s all for now. 

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    I love that you can’t work while going to school…..that’s the wierdest thing I’ve ever heard. I guess in acting workshops, they’ll teach you how to make money appear from nowhere..oh wait, that’s a spell, and that’s what you learn at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. LOL LOL LOL…ok, ok, I’m so happy that you’re going to school, I wish you all the best there, and good grades too.

  2. Congrats my Princess!
    Congratulations on beginning your fantastical theatre-education journey, I am SOOOOOO freaking jealous ;P I wish PCPA was in NOrth County, I would open a Home for Aspiring Actresses at Hogan Place, and you could be my little orphan Yani šŸ™‚ (Of course, in exchange for free housing, the quid pro quo is you would have to sing “Tomorrow” every morning to wake me up in place of my alarm clock :P).

  3. school
    Way-da-go Princess, enjoy every moment of your “college life” as if will be over before you know it! You have ALL the support and back-up anyone could ever need, as evident by the multitude of replys to your head shot poll šŸ™‚
    Just remember to TRUST YOURSELF, BE HONEST, BE OPEN, and HAVE FUN!
    Best Wishes and I miss you like crazy.

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