“I wanna be a napkin” – ask Kaza

Today was auditions for Beauty and the Beast.  We are required to audition, and we (as first years) were asked more to do  “intro to me” pieces.  We were supposed to sing songs that perhaps showed off where we were vocally, and do a monolgue that we liked/connected to.  Some people chose very dark deep ones, and though that may not be appropriate for Beaty and the Beast, that was not our assignment. 

I sang a part of “Wizard and I” from Wicked and did a monolgue from “I ought to be in pictures” it follows. 

I get up an hour before you just to check if you’re still there? I know Grandma’s dead. I know she probably can’t hear me. But I speak to her everyday anyway because I’m not so sure anyone else is listening. If I have to go for an interview, my heart pounds so much you can see it coming through my blouse. That thing about my name on the valet stubs? It wasn’t my idea. It was Gordon’s. He did it first, so I just copied him? If you want the God’s honest truth, I don’t even want to be an actress. I don’t know the first thing about acting. I don’t know what I want to be? I just wanted to come out here and see you. I just wanted to know what you were like. I wanted to know why I was so frightened every time a boy wanted to reach out and touch me? I just wanted somebody in the family to hold me because is was me, and not somebody who wasn’t there?

During class on sunday I had started to cry.  I was just really emotional about it for some reason, made a couple other people cry too.  But today I was more angry.  I did get upset and maybe a little water eyed but as a whole the piece wasn’t sad to me this time, it felt angry.  So that’s how it was portrayed.  I don’t like to memorize monolgues a certain way – if you do that you risk not being able to change if you’re asked to do so. 

And the answer is No, I did not get a callback for singing or reading.  Dance auditions and callbacks are tomorrow – i’m required to do those as well so I will and I’ll let you know how that goes.  It was refreshing to hear people sing again, musical songs that is.  I know I can go just about anywhere for karaoke, but there’s something great when people sing songs from musical, I can’t help but smile. 

ps.  The choreographer for Beauty and the Beast is the same guy who told me I needed to audition for PCPA.  and NO I don’t by any means think that will get me “in” but it I was very appreciative today and last week when he said he was glad to see me and how great my pieces were today. 

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  1. this is for all the loyal ‘princess’ readers…
    you have NO idea what an honor and priviledge it is to live with mahroomah and see her come home everyday feeling good about herself and excited about her new path. it (and she) is AWESOME. great things ahead. i can feel it.

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