I should sleep very well tonight.

Modern Dance (my normal class on wed/fri) from 9am to 10:25 went as normal. 

THEN we had 60 people in one room for dance auditions.  All 60 of us learned a quick combination and had to perform it. One of the cool things about this is we had the musical intern playing the for us, his name is Jordan, we like him – he also played the accompanyment for all my musical auditions thus fa.r From the 60 people I made the first cuts (which means I got to stay).  Then there were about 30 of us and the choreographer went on the with the combination adding “more difficult”moves to it.  (I put that in quotes because it already WAS on the “difficult” side) So we added on then performed it again and I made cuts again (that means I stayed again) and from this group he put us into 3 lines.  Front one of about 7 girls, then a row of I think 5 of 6 boys and a backrow of I’d say 4 girls (i can’t really remember. . . )  I was in the back row of the girls and then he split us into groups again to perform it again.  Then he said thank you to everyone he’ll post the list either tomorrow or the next day and can the front row of girls and Aiyani please stay to do some across the floor. 

I’m 5’9″ and I’d say the next tallest girl was 5’6″ and  wore a size 3.  I looked VERY out of place but I was doing what I was told.  And what we had to do as a group was a combination  of turns and such. We had to do it in one single file line  It follows with how to pronounce the words, not how they are actually spelled.

(do that twice)then
Shun-ay and touch
run, run run run (into a line)
then kickline

Very exciting huh?  aren’t you SO interested- nah, you don’t have to be.  The most difficult part for me was I had the longest legs and was at the end of the line coming out so it was much more difficult for me to stay in my place because I could either kick the girl infront of me to get the nice line and good prep and finish the turns OR I could shorten it up, not kick her and almost land on my face a couple times.  By the 10th time doing it. . . here is the funny part. . .he said ” think dancing napkin” and with every part of me I held back from laughing.  How Ironic. . . spend ALL day dancing and giving 110% to be asked to stay and think “i wanna be a napkin, i wanna be a napkin”

In closing, it was lovely to go to Loke n Jim’s last night, thank you to kevin for driving and I need to now go finish memorizing a shakespeare sonnet. 

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  1. I could picture some of those dance moves. Since I was a deprived child (j/k, laziness was actually fun) my parents didn’t send me to dance classes like they should have, so I don’t know the names of them all, but I know some. Sounds like it was fun!

    I think my favorite part of this entry is the whole SPELLING of the actual dance moves…they are super hysterical…THEN…I’m STILL LAUGHING about dancing napkins. It’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all month long. I’m gonna have to add that to my cache of random words/phrases to belt out in a public place.
    My life is so much LESS interesting than yours…lol

  3. yay!
    Glad you could bless us with your presence even though you (of course) kicked my ass (as did everyone else) at Karaoke Revolution 🙂 Congrats on the napkinness of your dancing :))) love you and so proud of you, keep it up, no matter how many 12 year-olds you have to smack down.

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