the list went up

Today I pumped $9.65 of gas in my car and left with a quarter tank of gas.  My thoughts on this will not be expressed at this time.

Next. . . the cast list is up for Beaty and the Beast.  I’ve been assigned (we’re not offered rolls or parts in the plays, we are assigned them. . . ok. . . ) to be a “Swing.”  Typically, for those of you who don’t know, a Swing is an understudy roll for chorus members.  I will understudy 5 different chorus girls.  I will learn all their dances, have their costume changes and learn their vocal arrangements.  At first I was a little taken back because that sounds a bit much, but then I thought well. . . I won’t have to talk to much so I can just focus on singing and dancing……..

then I read on and saw that I’ve also been assigned to understudy Babette.  She is the little feather duster thing that Lumierre (candlestick guy) has a thing for.  I’ve been assigned to understudy for a girl named Bryn Harris is, I’m told – I have not met but I’m excited to, UH-MAY-ZING.  That she’s beautiful with this amazing charisma and presense on stage.  I thought to myself those are very big shoes to fill, but when I spoke with Kaza she said some very strong words to me.  she said, and I quote. . . “They assigned you these rolls 1) because they trust you and 2) because you CAN HANDLE IT.  that was very comforting.

I’m flattered but at the same time the look on fellow students when they find out that I’m a Swing AND and understudy for a “part” shocks them.  I don’t know if the shock is “ay thats alot and you can totally handle it” or “woah that NEVER happens and you’re gonna DIE” or” but you’re only a first year? how did you get assigned ALL of that???”  but aside from what THEY think I am reminding myself that “they can trust me, and I can handle it” 

This will be  an amazing challange and a great experience I’m looking forward to this new adventure and will give them everything I have.  I will eat well and rest as much as possible and be prepared.

Of course this means i’ll REALLY never have time.  Currently I’m there Tue-Sun from 9am til 4:30/5pm, rehearsals will be after that til about 10:30ish.  My mother suggested to me today that I live with my sister in Santa Maria at her condo, it is a mile from school.  I’m letting it sink in, I let david n Kaza know and we’re all just gonna chew on it and let it continue to sink in.

(yawns) goodnight neverland

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  1. A little off topic, but…
    I saw Wicked last week and it was the best musical I’ve ever seen.
    And I kept thinking, “Someday, that’s gonna be Aiyani up there.” That part was made for you.
    (Not that you’re green, or anything. 😉 )

  2. Yay! That’s fucking awesome. And shitty about the gas. I would scream bloody murder to the uncomprehending sky if I didn’t have the far off thought of living in a city with decent public tranist soon.
    Also, “roll”=what you eat before dinner
    “role”=a part you play
    I’m hoping that you’re not getting assigned dinner snacks that dance and sing?

    • I love that you caught that. its a problem i’ve had for 8 years, and I don’t see it disappearing. I always wrote “part” instead of roll or role because both look wierd and i’m retarded. I volunteer YOU to proof read things for me now though!! HA HA HA HA HA (that’s my wicked laugh) muuuuaahahahahahaahahah

      • Hahahaha! BWAHAHAHA! In a deft manoeuvre, I ACCEPT that responsibility!
        wait…what? Part does quite nicely. Or “Theatrical Engineer” in this modern world. As in, “My new ‘Theatrical Engineering Assignment…”…eh? eh?

  3. Yay!!!!
    Yup, they were amazed (and probably a wee bit jealous, no?) because first-years seldom get cast at all in mainstage shows.
    Just a warning, I was swing for Sound of Music when I was there and ended up performing alot. It’s not just if someone breaks thier foot or something.
    And per Jayme’s comment about dancing food products: I remind her that this IS Beauty and the Beast…anything’s possible!
    Break a leg!

    • you stayed long enough to do a show? i didn’t know that? i dont’ think i remembered. how long did you stay?. . . anyways. I’m not scared, thanks for the warning i guess and. . yah. hi.

  4. OMG, and…hi
    I LOVE THAT U GOT ALL THESE PARTS. Well I guess I shouldn’t call them parts, but more like…i dunno, i had a word, but it left. YAY!!!!
    As far as the moving in with yourfavoritesister, I fully support that. You need to be a little more free-er with your financial obligations, and you don’t need rent, and utility bills atm..unless you are paying yourfavoritesister…it will be better to just be closer to school. That way you can be home in a flash, and rest.
    I love u wife, and I’m SOOOOOO proud of u.
    -KAZA—, nice job with the STRONG WORDS, 50pts.

  5. i don’t really want to hear about how robink was a Swing many moons ago-this is Aiyani’s turn in the spotlight-please do not mention your own Swing experiences as she will be involved in creating her own adventures at PCPA.

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