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I CANNOT STAND MY MODERN CLASS.  She goes WAY to fast, the moves are REALLY awkward and I’ve hurt myself before doing modern, Hi Rookie – yah she made my knee tweak a bit today and I had to stop “stretching” because what we were doing was apparently a “stretch” i show you sometime and we can discuss  if you think its a stretch or a MOVE THAT SCREWS WITH YOUR KNEE. 

New Poll
In the next few days I have been assigned, from my Acting 1 Class, to cover my body from head to toe in a substance.  Keep it on for approximately 5 minutes then wash it off.  I will NOT be attending the “smear party” with my fellow classmates, I’ll be in the comfort of my own home, OR pairing with my classmate Lynda (she’s the 24 year old that I bonded with because of our age).  Something that will not hurt my skin like chemicals and bla bla bla.  The following are my choices that I’ve chosen for myself.  Please vote and or add a suggestion to the comment box.

1)  Peanut Butter
2)  Oatmeal
3)  Ketchup (katsup?, cat-chup?, Ket?. . . )
4)  Chocolate
5)  Mud

No you cannot come over and help me, but thank you.  Yes I probably will take pictures, thank you.  And again please vote, and or suggest something. 

We got measured today for costumed, my bust and waist are smaller than the last time I checked, my hips/butt is about and inch smaller than the last time I checked and my legs are the same, thank you.

Jack’s coming over and we’re gonna watch a movie now, bye.

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  1. mud….thats my vote
    it will clean up easy and it wont cost you lots of money to obtain enough to cover your body…no I’m not saying you’re fat but you’ll need lots if you are completely covering your entire body….oatmeal you’d spend lots of time cooking and unless you plan on using chocolate syrup you’ll have to melt lots of chocolate to get enough to cover everything. Ketchup…..thats too weird….unless you are gonna have people over for french fries or something. So I say mud….cheap….easy…effective.

  2. i say oatmeal because that is probably good for your skin anyway… does it have to be food, or can you do something like, clay mask?

  3. Huh?
    So if it’s an Acting class, why can’t you pretend your covered in a substance? That would seem more challenging…oh well ;P Okay my vote: mud also for Kevin’s reasons. My additional suggestion: coconut, olive or baby oil – fairly cheap and good for the skin/hair.
    PS Are you SURE we can’t come over and help *naughty grin*????

  4. MUD!!!! Its mor natural to have Mud on your face!

  5. Something for Everybody….or Oatmeal, and friends
    What about Whipped Cream?…if you put enough on, you shouldn’t have issues like sliding down ur body before you can take a pic. What about Icing, ya like cake icing. Of your choices I would def say…Oatmeal. Thinking about it, I agree with the others who wrote. It will be good for your skin, and It SEEMS like it would be much easier to clean up, cause it thickens up after a while, so, If it does fall off your body, it will be in nice manageable chunks. One last thought..what about Bubbles? If you put enough on, like Whipped Cream you should be covered enough, maybe a few re-applications during the 5 Mins, but totally easy to get off, and no mess. I’m not sure If you have any limits on what the substance can be, but anyway. Hope I helped..

    • Re: (Ammendment) Something for Everybody….or Oatmeal, and friends
      Hmm, in hindsight, and re-reading the previous posts…I would have to say that yes MUD is much more cost effective. I totally forgot about cost factors. OATMEAL might be more interesting, but MUD is more realistic.

  6. oatmeal, isn’t it good for the skin anyways?

  7. NOT Catsup. . .
    Stay away from anthing with unnatual coloring, i.e. Red dye # 10, it can stain/bleach your skin. I would hate for you to have to go to class with an unnatural reddish hue. I say pudding, because cheap mud tends to have small rocks, pieces of wood, and other debris in it because it’s not made to cover your body, while pudding, though almost as cheap, there is no rough stuff to irritate your skin. (I only know this because I’ve been to parties with both mud and pudding wrestling, and everyone out of the mud wrestling had red scratches all over themselves afterwards)
    P.s. you don’t have to actually make the pudding, just add a decent amount of water to make it gooey.

  8. Mud, because it can be good for your skin.
    I bet if you got a tube of mud mask at the store, the whole thing would cover your body. That stuff is smooth and smells nice.
    Have fun with it!

  9. Umm…
    I’m with the does it have to be in the food or liquid catagory? What about plastic wrap? And you can lose a little water weight in the interim!!!
    5 o’clock dinner and wedding talk on Monday? Or do you have to be at rehearsal?

  10. What is the name of the modern teacher?

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