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The “cover myself in it” poll is now closed. 

Sorry I couldn’t keep it up longer.  Lynda (classmate) and I are going to have our own mini smear party on tuesday and cover ourselves in tapioca (sp?? terrible) pudding.  Mud DID win with the most votes but politics are politics, and we’re doing the pudding.  Thank you SO much for your advice, your 2 cents, your opinions etc.  I look forward to always being able to post Polls here and get great and honest responses.

Feedback from Audition
Thus Far I’ve spoken with 3 of the faculty members and the Conservatory Director about my audition almost 2 weeks ago. We’ve been encouraged to get as much feedback from everyone we were auditioning for.  The following are some highlights from those feedback sessions:

– Great voice, good sound – not sure if the cut from the song best suits you as an audition piece.  It doesn’t show you off enough
– Great emotional connection to the character in your monologue. 
– I’d say go with sleeves ( I wore a blue tanktop)
– Think of what you auditioning for, time period wise, and part wise,- most girl parts where skirts, – perhaps wear a skirt (I was in black slacks)
– remember your audition is from the moment you walk out til the moment they can’t see you; smile and be poised the entire time
– Its always difficult to watch actors do a monologue about wanting to be or not be an actor because the line of reality becomes thin, but your portrayal of a “real” person went well because you did not get over-emotional.  You did what any “real” person would have done when they get upset, and that’s good acting. 
– open your heart to the audience
– don’t trail off at the end of your sentences but be careful with inflection. 

Each person honest and helpful and encouraging.

I spoke to Mark Booher (conservatory director) about Beauty and the Beast a bit and he was glad I was excited to take on all the challenges and responsiblities as and Understudy and Swing. Hhe just said that I had a good audition, did great a call backs, Michael (Jenkinson) will be great to work with, “Swings” are the HARDEST jobs but we trust you can do it.  . . I thought that was cool.

Living Situation
I will be moving to Santa Maria to live at my sisters condo a mile and half from school.  My mom thinks this is the best thing and everything will be great but I keep thinking about david and kaza and my mom doesn’t seem to understand its like i’m totally screwin them over.  She says they’ll be fine – like her words are uber helpful if she just says them.  I know that kaza understands this is the best thing for me to do right now, but I know I’m disappointing her as a friend and roomah.  At first I didn’t think twice about finding someone to cover my part of the lease because I know they don’t want to live with anyone else – the choice was them alone or the three of us (originally).  So I’ve been pondering can they live here alone? or will they have to move?  Then I was asked to just do some research and see if there is someone I could find to take it over even if for just a bit.  But they don’t want to live with a stranger and all my friends have homes it seems with their spouses none the less, or have roomates in a house already ro quite frankly don’t even live around here.  So I’m just gonna keep pondering and trying to come up with ideas and such and start moving a few of my random things into my sisters storage unit we have.  I won’t be taking all my “stuff” i’ll leave some thing I think they’ll need to use or want to keep using that I won’t need in my room at my sisters condo.  I really hope they don’t have to move because that’s just such a pain in the ass and they really don’t have time to do that right now. 

As for STGA
. I still sport, Mondays only and soon it will probably be every other monday but I would like to hold on to it so I can work on breaks and next summer.  Matt (manager) has been very helpful and cool about all this.  AND I would like to hereby announce that it is entirely allright if ANYONE wants to go to the green aprong while I’m sporting.  But its not social time for me so please don’t expect me to be able to just stop what i’m doing and sit with you, or come around the counter and hug you and what not – its still my place of “work” if you will.  But come one come all if you want or must for your green apron beverages and or food items and merchandise whilst i’m sporting. “thank you, have a great day.”

(le Sigh)
someone called me last night and i missed the call, then i called him back and said “hi, call me and sing to me – bye!” and later when he called and I answered he said he was gonna sing on my voicemail and when I asked him what he was going to sing, he started to sing a part from “the way you look tonight” now I know he’s my friend and I DO adore him, I DO think he’s fantastic I DO think he’s talented, I DO want to have this great friendship we have right now that is solely based on phone conversations – I do I do I do I do I do (little abba for ya?) And currently I’m guessing Mandy and Loke know who i’m talking about.  thanks.

I think I need a nap right now, here I go.

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    Do you think Kazaa and other will have a problem making rent? Is it really expensive where they live? I guess I’m not up to speed on that situation in it’s entirety. Kazaa is smart, and I’m SURE that someone will want to move in, either a friend of your’s, or maybe hers…then there is always putting an ad in the paper. PLUS, PLUS, I gave her 50 friend points the other day for giving you good advice on something, so she should totally be able to use that.
    I don’t know who the boy is..grrr
    Sounds like good feedback.
    LOVE U-Husband

      thank you for the 50 points but they don’t go very far in a situation like this.
      it’s complicated 🙂

        I’m not sure your sarcasm was truly necessary on this one kaz. I’m sure we ALL know that “points” doesn’t help ANYTHING financially or in “complicated situations” like this. Antoan is being cute and silly and it also comes across as an insult because your response kind of says that he would never “get it” if he “knew” what was going on, rest assure he knows what goes on in my life – points or no points.

        just to clear the air because it seems to be a bit clouded…as this tends to happen when situations are a bit touchy and we get jumpy…
        i was not being sarcastic. i appreciate your kinds words towards me and your support of yani.
        and although you are aware of what’s going on with aiyani, you don’t necessarily know what’s going on with ME regardless of what she tells you.
        this is a difficult time for ALL of us.
        thank you for your faith that things will turn out for the best. they will. just waiting…

        This blew WAY out of proportion and I know your very sensitve and a very caring person, so don’t take this as an attack – cause it’s really not and we know what its like to apparently mis read “literally.”
        he doesn’t necessarily NEED to know what’s going on with you though kaz, he’s “my” best friend. I mean *I* don’t speak FOR you, *he* only knows what’s going on with *me*…… GENERAL i don’t make it my business or a habbit to talk about anyone else because its not my place to tell their stories, or gossip about them. I tell people things about me. . . ME . . . so the “regardless of what she tells you” bit also isn’t super necessary. lets read what he said again, this time with an open mind and open heart – he was only trying to help and be funny, he was beign himself. and i’m jumpy and touchy because i feel that you attacked my friend in a condescending way – and as it is from your email, I was wrong. so sorry about that, but maybe chose your words differently next time.

  2. Im so glad you’re having such a good time with PCPA. It sounds like it’s really changed since my time. (well, the entire faculty IS different 🙂 I was there for about 5 months. Enough to know it wasn’t for me.
    Also…don’t know if this helps, but Hilary (my newly blande sis) is looking for a room in the 5 cities. She works two jobs and is never home. Don’t know if it would work out. Let me know if you’d like her #.
    If you can get away during your winter break, I’ll take care of the ticket if you can get out here for a week or so. I have a friend who works for United now, so yay! I miss Myani.
    And everyone out here thinks you’re hot cause I showed ’em your picture.
    Call if you need help from your Shakespeare tutor. How’d that go, anyway?
    Call me!

    • Yeah…I meant to say BLONDE sis…yeah…

    • My reply posts aren’t working lately. . . whatever. SO
      yes, may I have hilary’s number, and I’ll talk to dave n kaza about it as a suggestion.
      I’d LOVE to come see you, I’ll look at my calendar to see when the break is
      what picture is this?
      And you ROCK as a tutor, things went well and we’re continuing to use the piece while we do our voice and speech exercises. I will call you for help when I need my tutor, and I’ll call you for other reasons too. . .

      • CALL ME….
        Can I call you, just to talk dirty, and stuff?
        FOR WIFE:
        LJ user, humor, humor, LJ user.

      • Re: CALL ME….
        i like the new code your speaking in, but i’m not sure i understand it? are you saying “miranda?” are you saying. . . something about yogurt or perhaps anything in relation to either romy and michele or back to the future. OR i’m just listing off things I miss about you and I. . .
        i’ll try calling. . . friday between 3 and 5:30pm CA time, after 12pm on saturday.

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