Your Princess Update

Last night was my first night sleeping in Santa Maria as a resident.  It’s allright, after all most of my time will be at school anyways.  I was looking at my schedule and when rehearsals start I’ll have class from 9 – 12 ish.  Then rehearsal from 1 – 5, then class from 7-10pm.  Woah, then home for homework I imagine.  We, as a class, and the conservatory director talked a bit about understudying rolls…….hi jayme……ROLES…..sorry guys EVEYRY TIME BAH!!! and what it is to be a Swing.  He said its very difficult to do either but they are REALLY important jobs and we put ALOT of trust in our understudies and swings.  I have to say, I was finally getting comforable with the idea of being a swing for 5 girls and an understudy, but our chat got me a little terrified again.  I was reassured by several classmates though that I can do it because I’m wonderful – apparently.

Peach has not moved yet so i’m typing this from AG right now.  If you need me call me, but most of you don’t need me anymore (weeps) wah wah wah.  I will move her by next week, but I don’t know when I’ll actually have internet sevice.  I still have to move my electric piano and my treasure chest (just notes to self, not needing help, got it covered) and………what else? um……………..OH I KNOW:

I dont’ have class this sunday PLEASE remind me what is fun to do this saturday night.  I have class til about 4 or 5 then NOTHING TIL TUESDAY. I’m so excted I don’t know what to do when I get more than one day off.  Of course I’ll still need to STGA on monday, don’t know the time for that though.  Amy? In my drunkenness don’t you have a show this weekend?  I misplaced the flyer in the move and don’t know if its this weekend or next, so let me know – well, call me if you can.  and if you don’t know my number shame on you, but ask for it I don’t want to post it right now.  Some people have been reading this and emailing me personnaly – which is fine, but I don’t need them calling me.  what else? Brighteyes? something about hair this weekend? 

I loved being drunk last weekend thank you to Hank, and Jeff and Joel for being born so we could have a reason to party.  Thanks to Morgan and Jax for the jax juice and Janice you crack me up about my mom.  Classic.  Thanks to Brian/Bryan? was in scrubs – for giving me water and saying some of the nicest most sincere things I’ve ever heard from a person.  PS.  I need Aaron’s email addy…….aaron?….took over Matts room when matt moved to camelot? am I on crack? bla bla bla

thanks everyone and………….yah.

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  1. Saturday…
    you are supposed to do Left’s hair for Rocky Horror and then going to the show??? But it’s Pete’s b-day on Saturday, and we will be having a bbq…maybe music? Don’t know…ummmm, loved your messages and yes, went with the bangs…I need you and miss you ….don’t cry FISHY!!!!
    Love you

  2. I’m still going to respond…
    Yes, it’s this weekend. I’ll talk to Brighteyes to get your number and make sure you are THERE!

  3. I’ll tell you what’s fun to do on a saturday night…getting your lavendar scarf! COME AND GET IT! It’s so purty and doesn’t have a neck to wrap around…poor scarf

  4. I think it’s Erin, not Aaron. No email though he lives with me and I’d be happy to pass on messages. Brian Herbst is Scrubbs. When you mention Joel do you mean me or ?

    Well I love that you have time off. ConBRATulations. I don’t know what what everyone else is doing this weekend…but I’M doing HOMEWORK…

      (thats all just laughing) ps. i have homework too, i’m just making a conscious descision to not do any of it tonight. i’ll do some tomorrow and on monday after work. and my sister has the mail key and won’t be back til mon or tues SO i’m SURE i’ve received the CD but I have not listened to it yet….yah?…ok.. i have a cold – send out healthy vibes. ( i probably got sick from all this weight I put on…….puke.)

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