Running Totals

32 – the numbers of rehearsal hours I will have per week
30 – the number of hours total allotted for breaks (10 min,1 hour lunches, 2 hour dinner breaks)
27 – the number of hours I spend in class
45.5 – total average of sleep per week (about 6.5 hours I am averaging for sleep per night). . . this leaves
2 – number of hours I spend helping my mommie clean her house
8 – hours I STGA
23.5 – number of hours left to do school work

the above numbers do not include travel time.

No wonder I don’t get to see my friends, Hello out there – I’m alive, I’m well, I enjoy school, I’m enjoying Beauty and the Beast but I don’t really have time to play.  Keep inviting me though! you never know if I ‘ll just pop up out of no where.

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    Since you said I could keep inviting you…
    “Wanna come over…”

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