Beauty and the Beast continues to be challenging and exciting.  I never really have time to do much else except go to school and go to rehearsal.  during my so called lunch (it used to be 12-1pm, now we have mandatory warmups and 12:30pm. booo) I would do homework, during my dinner break I’d do homework and once I got home I’d do homework and get just enough sleep to make it through the first part of my day, now you’ll find me at my local green apron getting a triple shot of espresso (typically 1 decaf, 2 regular) over ice with 3 pumps of sugar free vanilla with 1 splenda and room for cream.  Its tiring, I’m ALWAYS exhausted but I try to make sure I give my all for each class. bla bla bla

Today I stood in for Babette, the girl playing Babette is also the Assitant Choreographer so when she steps out to clean up a number I have to step in.  Doing a dance in the back behind everyone is VERY different once its in the real space and theres no way to write it down or memorize until you’re actually IN the space.  Practicing the steps is one thing but executing them in the right place becomes a whole different situation, it was nice to try it in the space.  Hiroko (the other female swing) and I are going to try to get together and make sure we go through the steps on the floor on our own time so we can be confident about our performances, should we ever have to take over for someone. 

I’d love to tell you more and go into detail – but i am so tired I’m barely able to sit up with Peach right now and type this.  I’ll try to write something later.

Goodnight Neverland

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    “Every thing that you say or do/ I’m hung up/ I’m hung up on you/ Waitin’ for you call baby night and day/ I’m fed up/ I’m tired of waitin’ on you”
    -HUNG UP
    NEW SONG YAY…please visit to hear the 10 second intro fur urself!

  2. i know you’re swamped
    so i’ll wait to hear from you for coffee time when you find a second to breathe.

  3. I want to see Beauty and the Beast. When will it play? How much will it cost?

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