“we’ve got a lot to do. . . (is it one lump or two?)”

I just had a great message left on my phone.  What a wonderful thing to come out of rehearsal to hear.

“hey yani, its kevin – John’s on the radio and I thought of you. . . (daughters is playing for a while in the background). .  ok love you! bye!”

thank you kevin, that truly brightened my day.

Central Casting called me today (not the manager or agent, another place in la la land to get work from) and wanted me to work wed/thurs/and fri on a television show.  my heart sunk a bit when I told them no.  Many different feelings rushed trough my mind and body, an no I’m not really gonna go into it because frankly I don’t just don’t want to,  then I called my mom. 

Jess this is for you, or brighteyes I want to ask Erin to draw a picture for me.  Like an 8×10, or 11×14 of a superhero ish sort of guy, bald,  and the front (where say the S for superman would go) needs to be a music note, preferrably an 8th note, thats the one with one little flag at the top of the note .  I also want there to be more shade, or color. . .  (ish) on the note itself so you can see the letter “C” in it.  if that makes sense.  and maybe those little conductor wand things in one hand or something like that. . . can you ask him to email me or call me or ask him for me whatever, its not something I need SOON but something I’d like to have soon-ish –

ps if ANY one wants to draw this I’d be much abliged I just don’t know of everyone’s artistic abilities.  I do want it hand drawn though, not made on the computer and colored would be WONDERFUL but no – i have no color schemes in mind.  manly colors i guess.

gotta read a play then get to class at 7pm.

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  1. right after
    the john mayer song ended on the radio…..Norah came on and I almost called you again… šŸ™‚

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