Thank you for your suggestions, we have a winner.  Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop”  Thank you to Kevin.

I saw a chiropractor today about my hips – Did I tell you I’ve been having problems with my hips?  It started about 2 – 2 1/2 weeks ago.  They were just tight when I would stretch so I stretched more then it was difficult to streth in my straddle because all I felt was this piercing pain from the top of my hip through my entire leg to the bottom (or the front of my hip to the back, however you want to visualize it).  And this morning it sort of hurt to walk.  So id didn’t dance in my classes and I didn’t dance during rehearsals.  My big brother (psuedo big brother) Cory is a chiropractor so he adjusted me tonight and I’ll see him again on monday and probably a couple times a week for a little bit.  After all the pops and cracks and snaps (rice crispies much?) my legs felt SO free and my whole body seemed released and I didn’t even know I was standing or walking wierd.  Walking didn’t hurt at all after that.  He said that the muscles I’d been using were.. . . well – kind of the wrong ones to use and I overused them so there was some inflamation.  And he said that because my body was used to being a certain way my hips would  go back to where they were uncomfortable until my body just got used to the correct position again – hence me seeing him more than once. 

I remember when I hurt my back in 2002 during sweet charity and the chiropractor helped SO much then too.  I guess I just always forget that perhaps whatever is wrong with my body may have to do with alignment as well as not using it correctly.

ps.  i know some people are like ” you start using a chiropractor, you’ll always need one” my brother is not like a drug, thanks – and I believe there IS a way for your body to be aligned and used and he’s helpingme reteach my body to do so – so  no bad or negative comments please. 

Matt (sisters boyfriend) and Hank (sisters co-worker) got me the concerts of John when he was in CA in september (John Mayer Trio) – member when I couldn’t get tickets?  someone recorded them, John allows that btw, and put them online to download and Peach wouldn’t do it, so they did – kudos and and a ginormous thanks to them

One of my classmates, well a few of them said I look like I’ve lost weight and they’re wondering if I’m eating.. . lol  Hello??!!!! I LOVE FOOD. I eat every 2 hours and I eat GOOD food (i pack food everyday so I don’t eat crap) but perhaps all the dancing is helping.  So that’s nice to hear

I need to get:
More dance wear (tights, bottoms, I’d LOVE legwarmers!!!! maybe even leotards) Cotton t-shirts get bothersome after a while
Sportsbras, yes please
the paint stuff i want for my bathroom
curtain for window (white and a dark)
hooks for said dark curtain
and shoes – just. . . shoes.

got homework to do. 

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  1. Behold…I am karaoke all mighty….my suggestions be done!

  2. Hello…
    I know you are busy…I know, I know….but I’m starting to freak out here, cause well…you know I’m getting married here in less than two weeks!!!! YIKES! And I miss you very much and would like to see/talk to you soon…..

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