Mothers Tavern on John’s B-day (sunday)

I sang, and it felt great but at the same time I’ve lost my range somehow.  Notes that used to be easy, weren’t anymore.  I’m way out of practice, it makes me a little sad.

Turn Me On – Norah
Ice Cream – Sarah
That I would be Good – Alanis
Against all odds – Phil Collins

I got to hang out with Sir Charlemagne.  Just he and I, swapping stories (what little and boring ones I could come up with) and enjoying what Karaoke really is. (lol, people are funny)  It was nice to not do homework or be at school or in rehearsal all that school related stuff.  it was really nice to sort of escape a bit

thanks Sir Charlemagne, its always a pleasure to be in your presense.

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  1. CHECK!
    Thank you 9 am…..I miss you!

  2. Hey! Call me when you are going to be in town, I’ll come play.
    I miss you! However, I am SO glad school is treating you with the talent that you have earned, you are worth it šŸ™‚
    Let us know when the show opens, we will pack the front row!
    I went to auditions for THE show…. blarg…phhhffft…ick. We’ll talk later about it in a less public place.

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