What I’d like to say . . .

Understudy:  To study or know (a role) so as to be able to replace the regular performer when required
– I am understudying one role
Swing:  similar to being an “understudy” but for ensemble/Chorus roles (Jayme!!!, not rolls!!! SEE!!!), not for principal roles
– I am the swing for 5 girls (one is a “silly girl”)
Track:  the movement and/or choreography of any given performer during any number or any scene onstage, (or offstage) during a show.

I stood in as “Babette” again today.  She’s the Assistant Choreographer so when she steps out to clean numbers I (as her understudy) have to step in and do her track.  I did MUCH better this time than I did last time.  I feel much more comforable in the space having done it a few times now.  I got to do her part for Be Our Guest and Human again.  I’m scared to ever have to cover a napkins track for Beauty and the beast.  I swing for all 4 and they by far have THE HARDEST SHOW in the show.  They do SO much spinning and kicking and they’re all over the place.  And I have to know ALL 4.  The relief at times is going over Ashley B’s part because she does not do as much (she’s the cheese grater!)  I’m getting more comfortable in the actual dances and movement themselves, but again – if I ever have to BE IN the space I fear I’ll throw someone off.  My notebook is a fright, full of rough notes and arrows and numbers pertaining to said arrows.  Today is October 20th, 2005 we have preview shows on November 10th and 11th and Opening Night is the 12th.  LORD please don’t let ANYTHING HAPPEN TO ANY OF MY GIRLS.

On a slightly different note.  I’m okay, not great or super pleased, but okay, with my work at school my work at rehearsal and my work for homework.  I give everything I have to every class and I eat every 2 hours and I stay warm and stretched and focused and I come to class prepared. . . I CAN’T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE THAT DON’T HAVE NEARLY AS BUSY A SCHEDULE AS ME COME TO CLASS “TIRED” AND ALMOST FALLING ASLEEP IN THEIR CHAIR, UNPREPARED, UNMEMORIZED, SMELLING LIKE SMOKE. . .  I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR YOU, I DON’T THINK TO MYSELF “OH. . .BUMMER YOU’RE SO TIRED DIDN’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP???!!” I THINK YOU NEED TO LEAVE OR GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR OR I’LL SCREAM!!!!!

I have to read 30 pages for Theatre History (by saturday)
I have to read a play for Theatre History (by saturday)
I have to read a play for Acting (by tuesday)
I have to memorize a monologue for acting (by friday; week from tomorrow)
I have to color for Voice and Speech (by tuesday)
I have to learn and retain 6 different tracks for Beauty and the Beast

i wanna slap people that “forget” to color for V&S, or fall asleep during history – get a life, and if you must do it by leaving PCPA because you’re wasting my time and hindering my ability to move forward in my own work for school.

Thanks everyone, I feel a bit better now. 

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  1. Haha! Congratulations! It sounds like you’re actually learning a lot there, despite the fuck ups who ome in hung over and smoky.

  2. Kick some Theatre Ass!!
    I am so proud of your work ethic, don’t mind those slackers (altho I know it freaking BUGS when there’s people like that in an educational/group setting), it’s all the more glory and light that will surround you!!! Mwuaahahaahaaa!!! BTW I have gorgeous pics of you singing and minister-ing at my wedding! Just awesome moments captured on disk. Will share soon. Keep up the ass kicking on the Swing thing and homework 🙂

    I love it when you’re so busy..its just so DAMN SEXY..grrrrrrrrr

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