calling all computer guru’s

for my theatre history class i have to do a design project and i chose the option to do a soundtrack for one of the plays we’ve read.  Songs I’ve chosen I don’t want all of.  how can I cut the song? What tools do I need?

assigment not due til december 20th. BUT i have to stay on top of everything so I don’t get behind.  I’ve started listening to songs and created a spreadsheet for ideas and stuff but eventually i’ll need to put it all together, and I’d like to do it before thanksgiving.

thanks for your help.

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  1. Remember Audacity, the program I showed you before? Import whatever song you want into Audacity (you can just click and drag it in from Explorer). Select the portion that you would like to get rid of, and hit delete. Then you do the Export thing, and you have yourself a truncated sound file.

    • hhmmmm
      hi hi hi, so i don’t know if *I* am retarded (probably true) but. . . will this still work if the songs I need to edit are in real player. some say “.ra” and some are “.rmj” i don’t know what that means. There songs I’ve just put on there from a CD when Peach would play them. Can I still do it this way?

      • Re: hhmmmm
        For the real media files, you have to play them in the Real player, and record them into Audacity. I think that I showed you how to do that on the couch at Camelot that one time. If not, I can give you a refresher at some time. I don’t think that there are any free audio editors that work with Real media files (.ra .rmj).

  2. john mayer trio album nov. 22nd

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