(cough cough)

Someone in the cast had a family emergency.  Someone whom I adore and love.  Several people understudy different parts of his track.  And I swing for someone who had to step in for him during Be Our Guest. . . therefore ladies and gents I had to step into the role of Napkin for Be our Guest.  I can’t tell you what I was feeling.  It wasn’t excitement or nervousness.  I was very calm.  I had never even tried on my costume so the fact that it was “on its way” was a bit nerve racking, and then it didn’t arrive till after curtain went up (it got there about 20-25 minutes before I needed to go on) so once it was there I had a few practice turns in it – that material is HEAVY and it really meant if I wanted to stop turning I had to dig my landing and tighten up the abs and ass.  Everyone says I did great, it was really fun, it didn’t feel real, …it was really fun. 

The next day another girl was out with a family emergency.  i swing for her in the entire show.  SO – yes,  i was a villager and the cheese grater.  It was hysterical and fun and everyone backstage and onstage was helpful in getting me to the exact place I needed to be. 

And then there was yesterday.  People are getting sick left and right, myself included and yesterday we had the understudys for Lefou and Gaston go on – which meant through a few shifts that I would need to go on for “Kill the beast” and when the villagers storm the castle.  So there I was at a put-in rehearsal (put-in, where people that need to be placed in the number are placed and get to run it) shivering with 3 layers on a scarf and beanie and a fever and just glad I didn’ have to be a napkin – when the stage manager and assistant choreographer come to me and say thank you aiyani, but we’re sending you home.  A part of me was relieved, a bigger part was starting to cry and I held back the tears until I was up the stairs.  Then Cleveland came over to me (you don’t who cleveland is yet do you?. . . I’ll tell you later) and asked if I was ok of course the answer was no and I started to cry and he just hugged me and kissed my forehead and said it was better that I got some rest and he would call me later.  Then Christine and Matt were backstage (both classmates, ones a dresser – helps all girls with their costumes, matt is a male swing) and I just lost it infront of them.  I was bawling my eyes out crying because I was letting so many people down and I didn’t get to go on and I felt horrible and they just hugged me and tried to make me feel better.  They were so possitive, they were wonderful and made me feel a bit better. 

I got home, had some soup and downed some nyquil in hopes that it would help.  It did, at least a little.  I still missed my theatre history class this morning – which I was later told was cancelled anyways, so that’s good for me. . . and soon I’m off to the theatre just to make sure they don’t need me. 

I have tons of homework, at least thats what it feels like.  I need to choreograph a movement piece to the poem I chose (thanks to Joel I have a WONDERFUL piece to work with) and I putting it to the theme of Armageddon (sp?) I have to write a critical paper for history, a paper for professionalism, memorize a scene, memorize a monologue and assignment 4 for text.  I guess its a good think I like typing and can do it well. 

I’m (hopefully) going to Utah to visit husband (Antoan) for new years, it will be nice to see the best friend and. . . yah – 22 shopping days, I love wish list on amazon.com

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  1. my friend went to see you guys do your thing this week
    she said that she and her mom and two aunts absolutely loved the show, particularly the big dance numbers
    feel better you luscious girl you

  2. Somehow, that all seems even crazier typed out than experiencing it.
    I had no idea you melted down backstage, sweetie. I could tell when you were on your way up the stairs that you were not in good shape, though. I bet you wouldn’t have reacted emotionally if you weren’t so incredibly ill. We all love you lots (especially me!) and just want you to get better and you wouldn’t have been able to get better if you’d gone on last night. I miss your presence desperately backstage and can’t wait for you to be back to your old self and mercilessly teasing Cleveland. 🙂 *MWAH!*

  3. 🙂 Best wishes. I’m sorry for all of the problems and sickness going around, and happy that you’re getting to go out on stage! All of the work over the past months has come to fruit! Go you!

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