I still have a cough,and the sniffles,  its worse after I dance or run around. 

This afternoon I went on as a napkin for Be Our Guest and as a Villager for the Mob Song (Kill the Beast) and storm the castle.  Its fun being chased by a wisk then scared by a carpet – but I lose my breath very quickly and have to sit immediately after and drink water quickly for my dry throat.

I’ll be going on again tonight at 7pm, please send healthy thoughts my way to keep me on “track” (get it?….member what a track is??). . .

Cleveland and I watched friends last night til 4am.  We watched the rest of season 10.  yes my sister has all 10 seasons, we were laughing hysterically – it was great.  And for once I woke up with a different song in my head instead of be our guest or human again. . . i’ll be there for yoooooouuuuuu, cause you’re there for me toooooo.

I stga 7am – 3pm for those of you who wish to see me you may catch me then.  I still need to choreograph a movement piece and start on what feels like several papers. 

(cough cough) Cleveland : the sound intern, the crush = 6’0, brownish short hair light blue eyes. Played the trumpet for . . . 12 years? so if you’re wondering if he’s a good kisser the answer is yes, sang to me the other night too – super cute.  yes he’s on myspace, no he doesn’t go by cleveland on that.  its his “aiyani nickname”  According to my “top 8” and the process of elimination you will easily beable to find out who i’m talking about.  He’s not the italian god friend of mine i met in burbank, that’s kaine, he won’t be the new artist Matt O’Brien (who’s CD you can’t wait for !!!!) He wouldn’t be a band or my future husband and we all know I love bear – but “bear” is his nickname.  And I don’t know how many straight men you know that enjoy musicals and theatre but it was nice to find one that wants to be on the same page I am.

ps. for those of you who read this and attend PCPA i know this is public info but I dont’ want random stories flying around the theatre.  Please let me have my private life and my professional one – thank you.

pps.  21 shopping days.  has your house puked with christmas yet? no well HURRY UP!!

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  1. You can always trust me, Aiyani. *KISSES AND HUGS!!!!!*
    Happy Monday!

  2. Christmas
    I’m trying to be full of spirit, but I’m just icky all the time…

  3. I respect your private life. LJ is LJ and LJ is sacred. =P No worries babycakes.

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