big deals

SO……..I have a picture of Cleveland in my wallet.  Let it be known NO picture of ANY boy I’m with has EVER been in my wallet.  I have pictures of my family (most important people) and pictures of John (duh!).  Closest I think to carrying photos of boys with me was in a little picture holder thing that looks like its for business cards that kaza gave me a while ago – still have it – but I think at one point a picture of Colin was in there, and at that point we weren’t even dating, so I guess it still doesn’t count.  So there’s that, I carry his picture in my wallet and I have 3 pics of us up in my room.  If I had these pics on a CD or on my computer I would of course post them, but I didn’t think of it when I turned in my 35 mm film today at my local wally world.  Even when they give the option to put it on a CD I didn’t think of it.  Guess I’m still old fashioned when it comes to peekchas.  Its a work in progress and I’m hoping I’ll get one for Christmas – I have been hoping that for almost 3 years by the way so pretty sure it won’t happen.  Not a big deal – the camera will make itself known to me and be mine when the time is right – like other things in my life.

I promise once Beauty and the Beast is over I’ll have a party or something at one of your houses ( cause mine’s too small and its in santa maria. . . )and we’ll do the Cleveland intro.

15 shopping days – and kaza it puked xmas here in santa maria day after thanksgiving, hopefully we’ll find time for you to come and see it before it goes away.  Now the rest of you don’t get upset – she’s here everyday and she is one person, inviting everyone over means I would have to clean, prepare food (have sister prepare food, she’s better at it than me) and its a big committment of time, something I dont’ have right now – so no one get jealous and kaza come see the house.

I have a critical paper to write for theatre history, an essay to write for Professionalism “what is the most important virtue of a porfessional actor? Why?  How does this ethic practically effect one’s professinoal conduct?  Assert and Support” is what the assignment says.

I purchased Emmet Otter’s jugband christmas today at my local wally world – its the family favorite and its finally on DVD so I have one and I’m giving one to my mom before christmas – I can’t make her wait, she has to watch it before Christmas.

I bought 2 pairs of pants today, one is a 14Long, one is a 12Long – someone be happy for me cause in march I was an 18/20 and hating life.  Now at least I feel human, and kaza I’ve done SO good on the fat jokes – lack there of, you’d be proud.  I have a different kind of confidence lately, even before Cleveland, but of course that counts too because he makes me feel like i’m the only person in the world that matters to him.  (sigh)….OH! gotta get to the theatre.  Everyone’s back from being sick, don’t think I’ll go on anymore for the run but it was definately fun and I have a pressing want to dye my hair that green color in the picture i posted earlier, it just screams fun!

Semester is done at the end of next week, then its just the show til 12/22/05 and stga through the break.  I’m not going to Utah (sad face) husband can’t get it off work, and I was going to visit Ro in NY but I don’t think I can do that anymore either so I’ll be around here for X-mas and New Years ladies and gents. . . can we say “thank you adult time?” anyone?

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  1. OMG!!!!!
    Pocket full’a green backs, belly full’a grub, you never get get a fever when there aint no hole in the washtub!
    when the mountain touches the valley and all the clouds are taught to fly we are born and born again so peacefully.
    so wipe the frow of yer face we’re gonna replace it with a grin and dream come true with a pretty girl dancin to jusg band music and a mess-a-mamas bar-b-que
    we’re closer now than ever before, with love and kindness theres room for us all, this world says welcome stranger everybodys a friend, favorite storys dont end in our world….
    I’m gonna go buy it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO MYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

    • Re: OMG!!!!!
      …when the river meets the almighty sea…

    • Re: OMG!!!!!
      lol – i’m SO excited you’re excited!!! I have it, got it yesterday, watching it tonight with Cleveland, huh. . . he doesn’t know that yet – I should tell him. (grabs phone to text the boy, . . . finishes text and sends) um……..yah…..SOOOOO excited you’re excited!!!! and HI!!! only $9.86???? at your local wally world – could life get any sweeter right now???!!!!

  2. You said: “Now at least I feel human.”
    Human again? Only human again? When the girl finally sets us all free??

  3. one more week of school and then it’s santa maria no more for 6 weeks! is there a good time this week to stop by?
    thank you no more fat jokes. i think i’ve been making up for your lack-there-of. bad kaza. baaaaaaaaaaad kaza. but i’m working on it, too 🙂
    and you must come see the puke in grover as well…
    but i don’t wanna puuuuuke!

    To add to your EMMET OTTER’s JUGBAND CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION, I have also recently discovered that 3 of the best Muppet Movies EVER were released on DVD…so I NOW OWN….The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppet’s Take Manhattan, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, and finally, Muppets from Space!! I could die tomorrow, and be happy knowing that I finally got my hands on these movies, in pristine DVD quality.
    Kermit: We’re gonna catch those thieves red-handed!
    Miss Piggy: What color are there hands now? (LMAO all day long at that one)
    I’m proud of you that you’re not bieng so hard on yourself with the fat jokes..even though both you and I know that WE do those things to ourselves because it truly is funny(and only sometimes are we actually self hating).
    oh, and of course…I LOVE NEW YOOOOOORRRRRRRK

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