The top of the hat is cut off, it extends probably a foot up and the bottom of the skirt I lifted up so you can see the fun can-can colors I have.  Today i did much better than I did yesterday. Be Our Guest felt great and so did Human again and I got to be in Kill the beast with my solo line (woo-hoo) and puppet baby (its scary a little) then I got chased by a wisk during storm the castle/battle.

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Cleveland is sick – I feel bad, but he helped me when I was feeling sick so of course I’ll do what I can.

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5'9" barefoot

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  1. What a cute outfit! What a cute smile!
    It’s so great to hear about Cleveland and that you’re happy. I love that you’re updating so much lately. I miss seeing you on a more regular basis, but LJ updates help. 😀

  2. Which piece of Furniture are you?
    You look FABu in green hair by the way!!

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