I think I even passed Theatre History

Today I went to the Local Green Apron here in Santa Maria for a beverage and some coffee cake before shopping with my friend Ryan.  I grabbed my beverage and headed to the condiment bar to add 1 splenda and some half and half.  A very old man in  a chair with very thick glasses a red plaid shirt and khakis hiked up to his sternum sat in the chair next to the condiment bar.  His cane in one hand, his drink in the other.  We made eye contact for a brief moment and in that moment we had a brief conversation, it follows:

Him:  You look good in those pants young lady.
Me:  (inner monologue. . . “awkward. . . awkward. . . “) Thanks Gramps (exits store)


I’m on winter break from school til january 9th.  During which I have to read 6 plays,find a childhood story that is not Dr. Suess to read to my voice and speech class,  prepare two contrasting contemporary monolgues, and a song for the auditions for Our Town and Oliver.  I guess I better get to it.

Below is a pic of Cleveland and I, you can see him better than the Santa one, that Anna took for us at a party last saturday…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He’s with his parents down south for Christmas and is coming to get me on the 27th to go meet them.  We did this discussion about me driving myself and he thought that was silly to have 2 cars cause then we can’t talk and be with eachother.  Then I was gonna take the train and he said that was too expensive.  He said he was coming to get me and that was the end of it, decision made.  I sat back and smiled and laughed a bit, then I told him how hot it was that he made a decision.  It sounds really funny and maybe dumb but I can’t tell you the times I go back and forth with a guy because he won’t make up his mind – news flash girls don’t want to make the decisions for EVERYTHING ALL THE DAMN TIME.  So I told him that was hot and we laughed.. . . Kaza – read “you’re the stronger woman”  (thank you sister christian lol)

I’m marrying him July 7, 2007 (thus far). Thanks.  No I haven’t told John yet, have to be careful to use the right words – don’t want to break his heart or anything. 

Its like being in love in a movie – but better because its my real life.

Goodnight neverland.  I have to STGA tomorrow, hi hi hi AND I STGA’d thanksgiving, I’ll be STGA on new years eve and OPENING at 5:30am on new years day.  I guess its a good thing I wasn’t planning to party all crazy.  wah wah wah.

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  1. Ummmm….
    Yeah hi it’s 6 am and I’ve been up since 3 pm yesterday, are you serious about July 7th or am I missing an inside Yani thing? ‘Cuz I am so already near crying actual real (wet) tears I am SO bloody happy that you are happy and in love AND President Cleveland is I think VERY lovely to look at (dontcha LUV those big blue eyes white boys have?!?! SO just had a flash of a little Yani running around with blue eyes and your silky dark hair – no it has nothing to do with Memoirs of a Geisha either – well maybe)!!! *sigh* okay, alright, I’m okay 😉 Merry Christmas, we miss you up in Paso.

    • Re: Ummmm….
      I’ve had July 7, 2007 stuck in my head since 2002. No he hasn’t proposed or anything, but we just know. Its crazy – I’m crazy. Rest assure you will know as things happen. When do you and the Sgt have time to play. Give some options for the next few weeks and we’ll come see you and maybe we can get mandy and chad and joey too.

      • Re: Ummmm….
        Alrighty well I will definitely request that day off of work 😛
        My schedule will be sucking A-hole as usual (my “weekend” is Tues and Wed nites bleah), Jim I think may have Tuesdays off with me and every other Wed. I may take a day off soon after New Years day, just for sanity’s sake. Is there anything special going on in the next few weeks that I may want to base my day off on? That would be lovely 🙂

  2. You look like a Disney princess in that pic! I think it’s because you’re so happy.
    Thank you for personally sending the Santa pic to my email, I feel loved.
    I’m so happy for you that you have this love.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and keep on rockin’!

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