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I’m going to meet his parents tomorrow, we’ll be back 12/30/05.  I STGA 12/31 11a – 6pm if you want to visit, and i OPEN on new years day at 5:30am – 10am if you’re still awake and sobering up in the AG area.  hahahahaha

During the week of 1/1  – 1/7 I hope everyone who needs to meet him, who I want to meet him can.  so please email me or post a comment when you’re available so I can look at my calendar and schedule.  Love you all and hope you had a wonderful camera.

ps.  Terry n Dadda got me a digital camera.  It is a new world.

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  1. Maybe the No. Co. Crew can meet up for dinner one night next week when Loke and Jim are off work??

  2. Which Green Apron do you STGA at?

  3. It is definitely a new world. I agree. Oh, and I want to meet him! Oh… wait.. I predicted you two were going to get together long before it happened. So I guess that means I’ve already met him… grr.. foiled again!

    • I don’t recall your prediction, but I’m not saying you didn’t have it. I’m saying. . . .I’m oblivious to my surroundings and cannot see things even if they are handed to me on a sivler platter or shot at me with a pair of magical eyes from across the room. FYI 2 other girls want to be the flower girl, and No I’ve not made a decision – I’m not ready too!!!!!! lol
      slow down a bit!!!

      • My prediction was not voiced to anyone so you couldn’t have known. 🙂 I’m tricky like that. And I can’t believe I already have competition for flower girl! Dammit! Nothing in life is easy!! But if I must sacrifice my imaginary position to bring peace to my friend’s life, by God I’ll do it. Happy New Year!

  4. I had a wonderful camera, thank you.
    And what the hell is STGA???

  5. i had a wonderful camera, too
    david is off fri & sat nite. let me know which night works best for dinner.

    • Re: i had a wonderful camera, too
      i’ve requested both off so we’ll see what happens, one night will be yours the other will my dadda n terry’s i think. . . we’ll see. Loved seeing you and having roomate time the other night, thank you.
      have a wonderful trip – you’re there by now so stay warm!!!!!

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