A year in Review

Inspired by Mandy. . . I bring you The Princess 2005 Review:

All were waiting patiently for the release of my Winter in New York book (that I am actually almost done writing now. . . ) and I was beginning to work at the Tax company.  I realized I couldn’t move back to la la land in May and contemplated moving at the end of the Summer. I had a few nightmares and decided to share them with everyone here and I wanted badly to begin working out with Bear.  I met Michael Jenkinson who told me to audition for PCPA.

I liked to complain about my weight and not being famous and feared I would never lose weight and I would just die of lonliness and obesity.  Aside from that drama I began to organize the Central Coast Wicked Wagon chartering a bus and taking almost 50 friends to la la land to see Wicked.  This month was very busy with the beginning stages of organizing a large group and working at the Tax company AND stga.

the 6th was my callback date for PCPA (this date will come back in to play shortly here) This month I also drove to la la land to audition for the television show Extremem Fakeover, which we all know I booked and most of you saw me for 2 seconds on a random channel.  I started meeting with Bear and going to the gym when I didn’t workout with him.  I started working out with him weighing in at. . . 227lbs. I believe and wore a size 18/20 dress and was the FATTEST I’d EVER been. I performed my first wedding as an ordained minisiter and forever bonded myself to the wonderful Sgt Jim and Loke Fletcher. Still Tax season. Still Wicked Bizness.. . . March 6th is Cleveland (Jeffrey’s) Birthday. . (wink)

Tax season ended on the 15th and the 4 of us girls that ran the office shared the HUGEST margarita I’d ever seen then I had to STGA and I was a lil typsy.  Brighteyes and Miguel threw a surprise party for me and people from all parts of my life and different places came out for it.  )The only other time I’d been surprised is when Kaza flew out in 2004 for my birthday) then the following week sister and gracee surprised me again with tickets to see Sarah McLachlan in concert and I was introduced to the music of The Perishers.

I liked to vent about money problems this month, apparently. the 16th was the day the silly show Xtreme Fakeover aired and I was talking with David and Kaza about moving intogether when they moved back out here to CaliFORNIA.

I tried to contact Brandt Michaels so we could have closure and learn to be cordial to each other and at first he was okay then he wasn’t but I tried and I’m done with that part of my life. Saw Batman Begins with the Smurf, I was accepted to PCPA but indecisive when it came to committing to attend or not.  Relay for life ruled because the Castaway did and I sported Neon Green and Bright Orange as a pirate.

I decided to go to PCPA, afterall I made it into the program and got a grant to pay for it.  The Central Coast Wicked Wagon safely made it to la la land and back and I was in green makeup and a hat holding a prop broom.  Elphaba didn’t fly, like she was supposed to, due to technical issues.  I was still working out with Bear and going to the gym and finally seeing results. I was living with David and Kaza.

I started at PCPA and for the most part I was not enjoying it, however I was cast in the largest production they ever put on.  I was assigned the role (do you see that jayme???!!!) of Babette’s Understudy, and Swing which officially made me the person with the most roles in the cast.  I was considering moving out to Santa Maria to be closer to my 6 day a week schedule for school and rehearsals.

Partying with Adults can be funner . . . more fun than partying with 18 year olds.  A pajama birthday party happened and I got tossed and it was great.  I was now living in Santa Maria, VERY busy with school and rehearsal and there was also Homo-Coming.  I dressed as Clark Kent with my shirt ripped open revealing a superman symbol (t-shirt, not painted on. . . thanks) and won the crown for homo-coming King.  Apparently I introduced myself to the sound guy named Jeffrey. . .twice. . . drunk. . . no i don’t remember – but he reminded me later when we started dating. . . And I didn’t get to see John Mayer live – and it made me cry (John Mayer Trio)

Rehearsal and incorrect overusage of my hip joints caused some joint alignment issues serious inflamation and I couldn’t dance for a week and had to see a chiropractor (but I love going so its cool) so it wouldn’t hurt to walk.  I escaped Santa Maria and hung out with Sir Charlemagne at Mothers Tavern and sang skarieokie, something I hadn’t done for MONTHS and John Mayer turned 28 and I did not go out for Halloween. I performed my second wedding sporting a red vinyl dress marrying Pete and Nahnnah in Shell Beach.

Tech week for Beauty and the Beast was helacious (sp?) and super long but I did some homework as well.  It was a time where Bryn would all of a sudden be standing next to me and moments later I’d be running to the dressing room for my shoes so i could run her track and she could watch the spacing.  We opened B&B on the 12th and it was amazing to see. I flat ironed my hair wore a burgundy shirt that was off the shoulder and a black hippie skirt with knee high boots and took the confidence my clothes brought me, to the after party and flirted with the sound guy. . . Jeffrey (we know him now as Cleveland).  He was wearing a green shirt with a green tie, black pants, black belt and black shoes and I walked by him and purposely ran into him a bit and instead of saying “excuse me” or “oh sorry” I looked at him and said “oh its just you” then smiled and walked away. Flirting with him was fun.  And our first date was 11/26/05.  This month I was also introduced to the music of Matt O’Brien in NY.

I went on for Beauty and the Beast as a Napkin many times and once as a cheese grater and a few times as a villager (depending on who I was).  I was kept out of doing a show twice because of a terrible illness that took me at full force and knocked me out for a few weeks it seemed.  the 5th was when Cleveland and I became boyfriend/girlfriend, by the 13th we said I love you.  It was fast it was crazy and I’ve never felt more sure about anything in my life.  We saw santa together on the 17th and were talking about when we meet eachothers parents shortly after.  I bought 2 pairs of jeans one was a 14 one was a 12 and total for the year I’d lost 35 pounds and no idea how many inches I’d lost.

Looks like it wasn’t very exciting.  I liked to complain, we all know that, and I fell in love with a boy that I want to marry – and yes we’ve talked about it.  I need to lose 30 more pounds to be at the desired weight and I really miss the gym.  I’d like to be a size 10 but firmer.  I need more muscle I miss the feeling of being strong.  Hopefully this next semester I actually won’t be cast and I can focus on school work and my body.  If I had to attempt to phrase the year 2005 in one sentence it would be something like this:

I began 2005 with a feeling of doubt and no self confidence, and ended it with joy and love – I guess it really was all worth it.

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  1. Happy new year. 🙂 Maybe we can be gym buddies this year. I hadn’t worried about working out during the first semester, but now that I’m working out during our break I realize that those few crunches in movement and the dancing just isn’t enough. At least not for me. Well, anyway, happy 2006! Glad you don’t dislike PCPA quite as much as you did. 😉

  2. didn’t you also take a little trip in june?
    still trying to figure out what to cook…
    open to suggestions.

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