dory moment

I suffer from short term memory loss therefore I don’t remember why I opened this to update.  So i went and backtracked what I was doing previously then got sidetracked by a comment Kitten put on as a comment on my myspace page and i sat there and pressed a red button then saw that I had this window up and decided to write that I forgot was I was doing. . .

tonight i am memorizing one of my monologues due on monday. tomorrow dinner with dave n kaz saturday, memorize the other one and my song, sunday taking cleveland (jeffrey) to my dadda n terry’s house for some food and chit chat.

I KNOW!!!!!!

I would like to post the following semi-update regarding my princess review 2005:

I went to see Kaza in New York to help her say goodbye to all her new friends and pack and bring home some shoes.  It was bittersweet for me, knowing she was coming home with ME but at the same time I was sad she was leaving New York, I know how much she loves it there.  She will be bi-coastal for sure and live in both places as her life allows (ish), and surely I will too. . .

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  1. Duuuude, I just changed one of my monologues today. I found it, loved it and here’s the best part: The play it’s from was available to download for FREE online!!! Meant to be. 🙂
    By the way, you’re one of the people/things that’s going to get me back to Santa Maria. I’m loving my family, friends and area so much right now that it’s going to be tough to head back there. But I know my big sis is already waiting for me, so that helps. :::sigh:::
    The plays we were supposed to read rock my stockings. Arthur Miller is a genius. William Inge, too. That’s some crazy subtlety he uses.

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