let the second semester begin

Last week was a triumph of intros.  Not all but most of my friends and all of my family (immediate of course) met Jeffrey Cleveland.  Kaza coined the phrase/nickname “Jeffrey-Cleveland” the other night while the four of us were hanging out and I loved it, so it will stick and all shall call him either Cleveland, Jeffrey-Cleveland or if you’re talking to him you probably could just say Jeff. BUT the rule is when you talk to ME about him you use MY nicknames. deal? deal.

He met:
Nahnnah, Pete, Brighteyes, Kevin, Vicki, Loke, Mandy, Chad, PG, Leonard (PG’s husband), my mommie and randy and brothers, dadda n terry and my stepbrother Lucas and his girlfriend Shannon.  Kaza and David and he and I had dinner and played Scene it and drank much wine and watched Austin Powers 3, seriously one of the best nights of my life probably.  Loke made this delicious casserole and amazing pumpkin pie, Chad and Cleveland made the fire place work. He met Caitlin and Captiain and Mr. Matt (from the green apron) and all my brothers friends affectionatly known as “the brotherhood.”  If he didn’t meet you – there will be time and of course i can’t wait for you too. 

School starts tomorrow, kind of . . . well – today we had to break down the set from Beauty and the Beast – I was coincidentally enough instructed to help with “Sound.” we all know – that’s his department, I didn’t ask, didn’t hint infact i said i didn’t have a preference but there I went.  We audition tomorrow for Our Town and Oliver, I have to memorize my other monologue (we have to have 2 prepared) and practice my song.  I’m singing “Good & Evil” from Jekyll and Hyde.  I don’t know if I can even sing it anymore, bla.  I need to get to work though.  I normally am not a procrastinator (sp?) but when it comes to reading plays or preparing for an audition I dont’ really want to do – i wait and wait and wait.  Oh well.  something I’ll either live with or decide to change sometime in my life. for now?! – off to do school work, perhaps first – a glass of wine. 

Mandy – please write me the list of wines again we were talking about.  you took a meridian ______ to lokes, and silver_____ you said i liked and a 3 word one. . . and . .  a syrrah something or other. 

Loke – thank you so much for your hospitality the other night, and how did you make that pie – good GOD and my sister is in love with it too!! hello to the sgt please

kevin & vicki – sorry again i didnt’ get there on time nor at harrys at all – i was working on school stuff (like you told me to bla bla bla)

and……….all others happy new year and I hope all is well where ever you are.

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  1. Silverstone Sauvignon Blanc (grapefruity)
    Meridian Pinot Grigio
    Hmmm…and is the third one the Pennman Springs Petite Syrah? It’s a red and not as fruity as the other two. Opolo makes a great red called Mountain Zin that you might like and OH!! I know…Tobin James Dreamweaver. It’s their champagne and it’s a-maz-ing. Ever so slightly sweet and impossible to have a hangover. Even if you drink a whole bottle. You can get it at Food for Less for about $7 and sometimes Rite Aid has it for $6.

  2. You’re veddy veddy welcome…it was beyond lovely to have you and J-C (Jeffrey Cleveland that is), and PG & her hubbs. Pie recipe courtesy of January issue of Cooking Light magazine (Five Spice Sweet Potato Pie, but I subbed 1 cup of sweet potato for pumpkin). We should do it again sometime…invite more peoples…maybe your next school break??

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