some call it a cold.

I’m still sick. Day 9 – did I even post that I was sick again? Whatever.  Yes. . .

Sunday 1/8/06 I woke up with a tickle in my throat and began taking Airborne. 

Monday 1/9/06 Still taking airborn with a tickle in my throat and now a bit of a runny nose, this was Strike Beauty and the Beast day

Tuesday 1/10/06 was audition day for “Our Town,” “Rounding Third,” and “Oliver – the Musical”  This day I was taking dayquil and feeling fleh but able to get through my stuff.  On this particular day I was hoping I’d get through my monologues successfully and sing my song ish.  The hope was that they would see improvement from my first semester but still not find a place in any of the plays to cast me in.  I know – “why are you in theatre school if you don’t want to be cast in plays?” simply folks I just wanted to focus on my school work.  Jumping into a performance conservatory and understudying 6 people was really hard.  I was hoping for this semester off.  “Rounding Third” is a 2 male show, good for me.  “Our Town” had callbacks and was cast within the day – I was not cast, also good for me. 

Wednesday 1/11/06 still on dayquil but much more congested and carrying my own box of kleenex (Puffs plus Lotion saves lives – thanks).  This was Dance Audition day.  The combo was MUCH easier than the Gaston audition at the beginning of the year and half way through he made a cut and said to the people it in no way meant you were not cast its that he’s seen all he needs from them and wants to try harder stuff with the people staying.  I had to stay.  The next combo kicked my ass.  Not out of moving around too much, but of the little technical things.  My body just wouldn’t cooperate.  A part of me was thinking – so maybe this is a good sign and I won’t get cast. 

Thursday 1/12/06 coughing crazily, SO congested I know have a headache my body aches and dayquil wasn’t really working at this point.  Cast list for Oliver went up – I’m a Swing.  All of you remember what a swing is right?  So I don’t know how many girls i’m “swinging” for.  I imagine between 4 and 6.  Normal school classes have resumed and I’m still carrying my own box of kleenex.

Friday 1/13/06 – Mentors Birthday.  Happy Birthday mentor, and friday the 13th -ooooo.  If it meant something to me I’d write more, but it doesn’t.  I wake up feeling worse and by the time I get to school I have a cough attack so hard I cough up blood.  I tell them I’m leaving and going to the school nurse.  School nurse not there because Hancock isn’t actually back from vacation yet – lucky bitches.  I find Marian Urgent Care on Stowell and text Cleveland what I’m doing and where I am.  He calls and asks if I want him to come sit with me (and all the people said “aawwwww”) I say yes.  2 hours later I’m taken backstage and my blood pressure is fine and my heart sounds fine and it sounds like I have few. . . not a; singular; one. . .but a “few” viral infections.  How exciting I say to the Doctor talking a mile a minute.  He says antibiotics won’t help a viral infection you have to depend on your body to keep fighting it off so stick with strong decongestants and cough syrup. I say I understand that – and I wasn’t there looking for sympathy or antibiotics if I don’t need them, I went because I was coughing up blood.  he says its a symptomatic reaction to all the coughing because I’ve probably thrashed my throat by now.  Well – thank you very much have a great day and I left with a prescription for cough syrup with codeine (sp? sorry) that I decided not to go fill up.  I went back to school and finished my day with a box of kleenex and sudafed

Saturday 1/14/06 I slept and lazed around the house and read a play I was supposed to read, still my own box of kleenex and went to see The Adobe Players rendition of ” The Glass Managerie ” (sp? sorry lisa marie, my program is WAY over there on my floor. lol) and to Antonio’s in Nipomo for dinner with Cleveland, more sudafed

Sunday 1/15/06  I slept, watched 24 season 1 and read the other play I needed to read and just tried to rest with my Kleenex right next to me, on sudafed

Monday 1/16/06 Can I just say 24 is crazy cool and puffs plus lotion saves lives.  I had to STGA from 2:30pm – 9, took my kleenex and have never washed my hands so many times in my life.  i didn’t make anyone drinks or get anyone food I thought that’d be bad.  I was the queen on register and I cleaned alot before I left to go home and do homework and sleep, on sudafed

Tuesday 1/17/06 I feel that the worst is over but my cough has moved from coughing up stuff to that very harsh cough.  I still have kleenex by my side at all times and have sneezed more in the past week than I did in 2004 and 2005 combined. My whole body aches and is done being sick, on sudafed

Wednesday 1/18/06 Same harsh cough, don’t feel as congested but nose still running – I love homework. . . no I LOVE 24.

Thrusday 1/19/06 No pills, just me and the kleenex and a slightly milder version of the harsh cough, and I have to get back to school by 6:30 to work on a scene for class. 

ps. i’m on my 7th box of kleenex.  have a great night and i’ll see everyone after school is out in MAY (sniff sniff, grabs kleenex)

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  1. yet you had to go home from school today! what has happened my princess?! a relapse? I hope not. much love and warm thoughts are being sent to you from me. xoxoxoxo

  2. ahhhhh
    My poor fishy! I love you, feel better!

  3. that sucks I had a super duper bad cold recently…(in december) and only now is my voice starting to work properly again….get lots of fluids and as much rest as you can..fell better
    Love you

  4. Sorry for the rough cold. That sucks. Kind of a bummer on getting swing again too. I hope that you start feeling better.

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