Acting Class, your help may be requested – please continue

We’ve been given our scenes to work on.  My scene is from a play entitled “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs.”  No its not a scary play or a mystery, its just about the struggle of a family – that’s as brief as I can make it.

I have to be able to connect to everyline this character says.  I need to be able to understand why I’m saying what I’m saying, I need to know what I want ; what my intention is.  Some of her characteristics I can relate to, some of her lines; the words she uses I can relate to and I can say as if they were mine.  What I cannot relate to stumps me in a douple different ways.  One, she’s married – we all know I’m not.  The tricky part is the relationship between her and her husband is very. . . non active.  They don’t have sex – and she talks about it, he’s passive and a little monotonus (in my eyes).  The line I can’t relate to is this:

“. . . I wish to God someone loved me enough to hit me.  You and Rubin fight.  Oh, God I’d like a good fight.  Anything’d be better than this nothing.  Morris and I go around always being so sweet to eachother, but sometimes I wonder maybe he’d like to kill me.”

For my own reasons “aiyani” would not say that “i wish someone loved me enough to hit me.”  I know there is logic in this for Lottie (character) I’m having trouble finding it.  This is where you come in.  Not that I’m looking for you to spill your life story, unless you want to, to me – but is there logic in it for YOU.  Have you been in this kind of situation? where you’d be willing to take ANYTHING even if it was a sort of abusive physical contact connection in place of absolutley nothing? 

I’d appreciate any and all comments or moments you have to share with me.  Please comment here, or email directly if you feel it is too personal at   

thanks so much ladies and gentlemen – and I hope all is well where you are.

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  1. A little confusing for me as well. Sounds like more of an attention getting sitch than love, per se. Humans need stimulation, connection. Once you have a set routine of doing things, it becomes rote and the connection is lost. Do you go to church? Do you ever just wind up mouthing the words while thinking about something else. Sometimes, relationships between people can be like that. You just follow the rituals without them meaning anything.
    Just some guesses. Good luck with this.

  2. sigh…
    Sometimes you just crave attention so much that anything will do…anything is better than nothing just so they show they have SOME kind of feeling for you, so yuou know where you stand with them, how they really feel, that they are no longer hiding their emotions from you even though they might not be the emotions you were looking for…does that help?

  3. I am actually playing Cora for my scene
    talk to me in class…I get Lottie in a weird way…sadly enough

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