stuff on my mind ish

1.  Thanks for your help with “Lottie.”  Thank you for your comments and emails, it DID help. 

2.  My sister is engaged!!!!!.  . . I don’t know if I’m allowed to post that, but I dont’ think there’s anyone here that she would rather tell in person or call herself.  But it happened yesterday.  They went on a hot air balloon ride, then hiked up around Big Sur then landed at the beach where Matt proposed and then went to dinner at Buena Tavola (sp? sorry) SO excited for my sister.  ps. it was REALLY fun sending kaz a picture of her hand and then she called and they were all screaming for my sister and toasting to her (they = a whole bunch of people at the barn) Sister asked me to be her maid of honor which means I need to chat with kaza about crazy fun stuff to do with/to her like she did with ter-bear.

3.  I have lots of homework to do, lots of memorizing for classes to do – oh joy, and I need to start some laundry and run errands today like to wally world or target and to the gross berry store (read: grocery store)

4.  I love Jeffrey Cleveland

5.  um. . . I’m a little hungry

6.  I need to call my Shakespeare tutor (Ro) to ask for help in paraphrasing some shtuff and I’ve gained 12 pounds since december 18th.  wah wah wah.  Vicisous circle (thank you notting hill says kaz)

I’m sorry I don’t have anything of interest to post, my life is just school again and soon will be rehearsal and school and how many times can i post about jeffrey cleveland before everyone gets sick of me?  I love him – he’s wonderful and he handles my mood changes and personality very well.  I floss 3- 5 times a week depending on what I eat (thank you shout out to zannie) and I bought the new James Blunt CD and the new John Mayer Trio CD.  I finished “24” season I.  We’re watching Everybody loves Raymond season 2, Then we’re starting Alias season 1.  I’ve watched seasons 1-3 but he hasn’t so we’ll start at the beginning and get it caught up.  We’ll probably do Alias, then some Lois and Clark season 1, then back to 24, then smallville or friends then Alias 2.  just to keep things interesting and like real television . . . did i mention how much i adore him and love him?

The Smurf turns 19 on monday, nuff said. And I’m still hungry – so off I go. 

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