The Valentine’s Day deal.

In August of 2001 ( I think ) I met Adam from the Band I brought home at Mothers Tavern.  I was hangin’ out with Ro and we wandered in there had a drink then ended up talking with the band and takin’ ’em back to the barn for munchies and sleep.  Adam plays the trombone and in his band (Cannonball) there was also a saxaphone player and a trumper player a drummer and a rapper.  It was such a fun mix, but what I fell in love with was the brass, the horns.  I’ve appreciated them and loved them ever since.

When I went to see John in Concert (2/22/04) in Fresno because Adams friend was playing with John I cried and laughed and enjoyed this wonderful show.  Adam’s friend Erik played the trumpet, and again I was drawn to the horns.  They can change any song, truly.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day simply because its blown out of proportion. Those that expect things. . THINGS are materialistic and do not appreciate people and the love that people have to offer.  People that succomb to the ideals that one day a year we are suppose to appreciate our “other half” are those that don’t show emotion and love year around.  I believe in showing the person you love them in as many ways as you can think of or fathom, I believe that there should always be the soft pillow of what love can be at the end of a really hard day or a really long week.  I believe if you say you love someone you should say it as often as you feel it, and if you only feel it one day a year you don’t know what it is.

I’ve told people, boys; men that I loved them.  I loved them as my friends, my good friends. I’ve never felt extremely “ga-ga” about anyone, the closest was Ryan but he always kept me doubting him as well.  I thought I was going to marry him and I was 18.  Don’t we all have a story like that?  I don’t remember ever being with him on Valentines Day, if we were together it obviously was not memorable.  Another person made me dinner and cut out little construction paper hearts and that same night fought with me until I was in tears and left because of the terrible things he was saying about me and the person I was.  Someone took me out to dinner for Valentines Day once, I don’t know where it was, I don’t know what I wore or what he wore.  I made dinner with someone once and we ate it at about 10pm at night and I was just tired and I really didn’ want to be cooking or eating or talking, I wanted to be sleeping.  One particular Valentines day, Brighteyes was my Valentine and I made her a card with a pic of me and John and her and Johnny Depp in it.  Its always just been another day, it’s my sisters Half-Birthday, a day filled with pink and red and grocery store bought flowers for those who fall behind on their schedule.  Some people propose on this day, I won’t comment on that.  Some people have expectations, some people fantasize what others will say or do and some people just work or go to school and go their boyfriend/girlfriends house afterwards like every other day.

Tuesday started as an easy day for me.  I had no classes.  I had slept in, and ran errands.  Cleveland had to work so I waited for him and worked on homework while I waited.  He called when he got home and he said he’d go to the store to get stuff for dinner and he’d call me when he was on his way home and I could go over to his house.  He made me Taco Salad, we both wanted that for dinner.  We chatted while he cooked and we sat together at the table.  I was in comfy jammie like clothes and he was in blue jeans and a grey collared shirt.  He said he wanted me to listen to something after we brushed our teeth….ok…?  So we brushed went into his room and I had a card for him, and he had a card for me too.  (I don’t remember receiving a card on Valentines Day and if I did it was signed “love ____” but this guy, this wonderful person in my life, my Cleveland wrote me in his own words how he felt about me.  While I was reading it over and over he was getting bags out.  Bags I hadn’t seen before.  And headphones.  It took me a bit before I realized he was going to play his trumpet for me.  I had known he could play, he played through Jr. High and high school and in all kinds of traveling concert groups and such, and he told me he’d play for me – I just didn’t know when.  I thought he’d play for me at Christmas time, then it was random days he said he would and couldn’t for one reason or another, most of those reasons were because of time.

First he gave me a lesson on the trumpet and all its parts and what of the valves and different mouth pieces, then he pulled out this contraption that plugged the front of the horn.  It was a mic that stuffed into the instrument that you could plug in and listen to on headphones so he could practice without playing loud all througout the house.  He took a couple seconds to check volume for himself and me then he told me to put my headphones on and he played for me.

He played for an hour and 15 minutes:
Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera)
All I ask of You (Phantom)
Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)
Part of your world (Little Mermaid)
One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)
Beauty and the Beast (duh. . . )
Champions Theme ’96 Olympics
Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music, Stephen Sondheim)
Can You feel the Love Tonight (Lion King)
My Way – Senior Year Solo (we’re both surprised he remembered that one)
When I fall in Love
A Whole New World (Aladdin)
Always (um. . . “and we…..I will love you so. . . for aaaaaalllwways)
Everything I do I do it for you (Mr. Bryan Adams)
Linus & Lucy (yay)
More Than Words (Extreme)

He didn’t play every song all the way through, he made cute flubs in trying to find the note and would exclaim “sorry” in the middle of playing then go right back to what he was doing, or we’d say what note he wanted or didn’t want while playing.  He hadn’t played since October.  He stated his apologies for messing up so much, I told him how special it made me feel that he played at all.

He’s just so wonderful, and he makes me feel wonderful and special – and I’ll always remember this Valentines Day, because someone was original, someone who tells me everyday how much he loves me showed me another way he loved me by sharing apart of him with me. You know stuff like this is what good movies are made of.

Happy Valentines Day all, and I hope you appreciate whom you love everyday that you can in everyway that you can.

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  1. No mention of our screwdriver, knitting and sushi date?

  2. Wooooow
    Hm yeah that is definitely a memorable V-Day!!! I wish you many more to come with this wonderful young man (gee I sound like a grandma!). Kisses to you!!! Can’t wait to see you on 2/24, hope His Clevelandness can make it too.

  3. Sigh…yeah, isn’t love grand? Pete text messaged me and told me he didn’t need a special day to tell me he loved me, he loved me everyday…it was wonderful. I’m glad you found happiness with someone…you deserve it my fishy. I miss you terribly…can we get together soon please? I love you!

  4. I think that Vday was one of my favorite. I still have the card! Drinking SweetPea’s, seeing vagina monologues and then karaoke!
    Really, we should do things like this more then once a year. Yay for BBQ’s!
    When is your spring break???

  5. That is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it =D

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