Summer Season

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen~

PCPA offered me the Beauty and the Beast Summer remount with the following roles:
On-Stage – Villager/Cheese grater
Swing – villagers and napkins
Understudy Babette

I asked for more money, after, we met in the middle.  Beauty and the Beast opens June 14 and plays til July 15 in Solvang and IF you go, you WILL see me in one track or another.

However to my slight disappointment -that was all they offered me.  No Shakespeare (but Im’ TOTALLY cool with that) no Sondheim (kinda fleh about it) and no Dames at Sea (quite disppointed) when I asked if Dames at Sea had been cast I was told that no first year students were being cast in it because rehearsals start before school starts. Which really means they don’t to have to pay us.  This particular year (the fist year class, my class) we have many people quite capable of being excellent ensemble tap members to Dames at Sea and they didn’t cast us.  In my opinion it is their loss.

My midsemester evaluation is this sunday March 12 @ 10:20.  There the Conservatory director will tell me what my teachers think of my work and where I need to improv – no, I’m not nervous but I’m ready to comment if I get any crap about Alexander Technique – I hate that class.  And perhaps one day I’ll write a whole shpiel on it, but today is not that day.

Rehearsals for “Oliver!” have begun.  I’m a Swing again, this time for only 3 girls.  Some have solo lines in songs that I will need to learn, one is an alto part the other a soprano – say a prayer for me.

I need to eat
Read The Cherry Orchard
Read A Streetcar named Desire
Read  pages 213 – 237 in my Cohen Book (more history stuff)
Find a 30 second shakespeare monologue
Find a song that represents who I am right now in my life

Off I go –

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  1. Let’s see if I can guess who you’re swinging for… :::ACTIVATE MENTAL MAGIC 8 BALL:::
    Michelle Burns, Siobhan Doherty and Katie Worley… Eh? Eh?

    • Michelle Burns
      Louise Tremblay
      Kellee English
      They all get lifted and thrown about and the choreography will have to be changed (as usual if I go in) because boys can’t lift me. Brandon can, yes – not a great chance of both of us going on at the same time though.
      see you tomorrow

    yay mahroomah. hi. i am so excited to come see you in solvang. dreamy show. dreamy venue. dreamy time of year. just…dreamy.
    and remember, everything happens for a reason. if you were cast in any of that other stuff, how flexible would your schedule be in late summer/early fall, huuuuuh? timing is everything and you will be much needed and appreciated elsewhere at that time.
    but i’m sorry that you feel disappointed. and you’re right. their loss.
    and th u fleh

  3. heh.
    at least you got cast AGAIN. I’m just doubting this whole Lynda should be acting thing 😦

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