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Seussical opened on the 11th and it is going rather well.  The kids absolutely LOVE it, and the adults think its one of the best productions they’ve ever seen.  That’s the good part, the bad part is I’m exhausted.  We just had 8 shows this last week and will have doubles on fri/sat/sun upon returning this week.  But, that’s how the professional world rolls, and this is great practice.  It’s different than doing 25 shows with community theatre because of what is expected.  At least what I believe is expected.  And my role as Dance Captain is a challenge for my track because some of my changes must be faster so I can get to the Voms (Vomitorium, those little hallways that go beneath the audience and no not originally meant for vomiting =)  ) to watch some of the dances and make sure people are upholding the  integrity of the choreography and not changing it even a little just because there might be someone “special” watching, and make sure every audience is getting the same show. 

It’s probably the hardest and funest job I’ve received thus far at PCPA. Yes even I believe it’s harder than being a swing because as a swing I had to know 5 or 6 people track and choreogrpahy, as a dance captain I must know it ALL and be able to approach ALL and give notes accordingly.  Verbally giving notes can be difficult when speaking to my peers because they give me excuses or tell me what they learned in the rehearsal hall, and I keep just having to look at them and repeat myself or remind them when it was changed or that they just need to take one step to their right to be alligned with the group correctly.  Then they go saying well so-and-so is doing it too and I have to literally say “I will worry about _____, you worry about you.”  It’s just annoying and difficult.  Have to remind them too that this is my JOB, this is an ASSIGNMENT that I get graded on and I’m doing it the best way I can, and I DO report those that do not take my notes and that goes towards their grades and their marks for professional behavior.  Did I volunteer to be Dance Captain? Nope, was I pleased when I found out I was assigned said position? Nope, But am I doing the best I can with my knowledge of the ALL dances and ALL cast members?  Yes.  So take the note and DO IT and don’t give me LIP!

(medium sigh)
There, that felt good.  Now, I still want you all to come see it.  It’s rather short.  First half is about 45 minutes, second half about 35 minutes, with a 20 minute intermission.  Evening shows start at 7pm (instead of the normal 8pm) and matinees are at 2pm.  Here’s a pic of my Zebra costume.

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On an entirely different note i spoke to Kaza the other day for the first time in a few months.  I did not apologize, I did not yell, I told her how I felt and that when I can I’d like to speak to her again.  No everything is not better, and I don’t even know if that’s specifically what I’m aiming for.  We’re both different people now so it’s just finding a place or an agreement of where we are now, and where do we move to – if that’s applicable. 

Another different note.  The smurf, (ben, my 19 – will be 20 at the end of january brother) is getting married THIS december on the 16th.  No i’m not pleased.  It’s an ugly big deal that I’m in constant struggle with and no it’s not about the girl. I don’t even know her.  I’ve spoken to her once and that was the converstaion of “where’s the fire guys? why do you have to get married RIGHT NOW, you met in June!” and i’ve seen her 3, no 4 times now.  It’s about Ben and the choices he makes at the age he is now.  The age is he both physically and mentally.
Please don’t comment on this.

I’m hungry. (what’s new you wonder)

Cleveland and I started watching 24 season 2, so I’m gonna get some homework done, get some food and watch more of that.

I see Antoan in 40 days.  let the countdown begin.

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  1. On an entirely different note i spoke to Kaza the other day for the first time in a few months.
    Forgive my indolence, but what happend with you and Kaza?
    …you met in June!
    Oh my! That does seem fast. What is your parent’s and grandparent’s (your brother’s models for marriage) like? Divorce? Happiness?
    Please don’t comment on this.
    Hmmm…not sure what I’m not supposed to comment on exactly. I hope its not the whole post. Feel free to ignore/delete this response if you like.
    Cleveland and I started watching 24 season 2…
    Jack Bauer doesn’t breathe. Air hides in his lungs for protection.
    Are you commuting from SLO to PCPA, or did you move south?

    • well. . .
      regarding kaza: i’ll try the readers digest version (of course, this is my side and i’m sure she’d say something else – bla bla bla) both kaza and sister were planning weddings at the same time. I was set to be a bridesmaid in kaza’s wedding, and the maid of honor in my sisters. i was either in school and rehearsals or STGA and doing a show when all of the hullabaloo began SO any time and energy that was left I directed solely towards my sister. kaza got her feelings hurt and it was apparently the last straw when I didn’t go to her bachelorette party in vegas for lack of funds. SO – she fired me from her wedding in a typed card. no call, no chat just a typed message that seemed too thought out and a bit dramatic, but it IS kaz, so i responded in a similar typed card then she got hitched, I didn’t go – and she emailed me after she was married and went over almost word by word of my card telling me how wrong I was and how perfect and right she is. i didn’t respond to it. But I was still angry for feeling thrown away, so maybe tell me I shouldn’t be IN the wedding, but come if I can – I would’ve done that. But instead it was a swift typed message kick out of her life. SO when I had spoken to her last week it was about that. I told her I understood what she needed that i know I couldn’t give it to her and that I would not make any different choices given the chance. I would always chose my sister over her pretty much. I told her I felt thrown away and I deserved closure for the close friendship we once had. 40 minutes later we hugged and parted. Don’t know when I’m gonna see her again, or speak to her again but I told her I cared and than seemed to be enough for now.
      does that help?
      RE the met in june: it was this part of the entry I didn’ want people to comment about, but I don’t see the problem in answering a question. And I guess if it bothered me – I wouldn’t. SO my parents are divorced, have been for a few years now. And my father is happily remarried. We all get along just fine. My mom lives at home with the Rikster (13 year old brother) and all grandparents are dead. So, I dont’ think his decision is based on “I want a happy home like this” nor do I think it’s “you guys suck and i’m going to show you what marriage REALLY is” however I think he’s in a place of wanting to be treated like an adult, but I personally believe he has yet to act like one. So the problem I have isn’t with the girl, or with Ben even wanting to get married. I believe he is too immature to be making this decision and in my very selfish way, my wedding is next summer – its not his turn. he should wait longer, get to know her more ( i understand he makes her feel like a better person and all of those wonderful movie cliche lines, i get that ), even date her for at least a year then maybe propose, then they can plan for a few months. I don’t know I don’t think he’ll be ready til he lives some of his 20’s, what could he possibly know right out of highschool about being in love? well, that at least was my experience when I was 18 and thought I was in love and gonna marry my boyfriend. then I grew up, went to the college of life, made some grand mistakes and learned from them, grea up more then realized what I want in my life for me and with someone else. I just don’t think he’s ready.
      longest reply EVER i know.
      and. . Cleveland and I live in Santa Maria about 1 mile or 2 from school.
      have a great weekend. =)

  2. I just want to say that it’s so awesome that you are Dance Captain. I can imagine that would be a tough job. I’m sure you are doing a fabulous job, and I’d totally listen to you I were one of your dancers.
    I love the costume!
    I can’t say I will be able to see the show, but I hope all goes well and that you get perfect grades.

  3. I think it’s completely amazing.

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