Welcome Welcome Welcome.  It’s now november 5th, happy birthday to Kevin today and to Randy Bear on the 12th, thanksgiving is the 23rd and mommie and some family went to Knotts Berry Farm this weekend and to Medieval times (JEALOUS) and they had the Blue Knight, and THEY WON!!!!!  Mommie said the only knight I would’ve known there was Travis, le sigh – I miss going and seeing them. 

Tech Week for Seussical started friday night with a “Wandelprobe” (pronounced Vandelprobe). We got into mics and the sound guys set levels for us and we sang through the show.  Then saturday day we started Shift Tech, just going into the scene with set pieces then going out and into the next one.  then we spaced through the show, since the rehearsal hall is of course a little different than the stage.  Not like rehearsing in a church or at someone’s house than going to the stage.  We rehearse at my school and the floor is taped out including where the stairs are etc etc etc.  THEN we did a stumble through. . . not bad I gotta say.  and we’ve been playing with all our real props which is fun and different – have YOU ever danced with an umbrella that had tentacles hanging off of it?  It’s actually kinda hard not to choke yourself, blind yourself, or have them end up in your mouth.  ew.  Tuesday we have a dress rehearsal, aswell as wednesday then we have a preview show both thursday and friday then we open on saturday. 

I have a bit of a headache today, not from anyone or even from rehearsal I think I just need to eat something.  Which is a nice lead into my next topic – my weight.

I quit Weight Watchers.  Combination of factors, one is money – it’s $12 per meeting which can add up when you’re not working and living off of student loans, two I got tired of paying them to tell me I gained weight, and three there are some ANNOYING people at those meetings, and they make me want to leave, and they make me want to smack them in the face and say “you don’t get it do you???” or smack them and say “shut up, we’re tired of hearing about you and all your stupid spinach jokes TIRED” and dealing with them at the only time I could. . . 7am on saturdays was just not worth it.  BUT I hired Jon Okerblom (I call him John Trainer) through his website, and he works at Golds (where I go) and he has set me up with a program that he designs for me daily (minus the day he says not to workout, and whatnot) online that I can print up and take with me to them gym whenever I go.  And I check in with him once a week and talk food, and how my week went and he weighed me (then told me how unimportant it was haahahaha) and mearsured my FAT.  After all is said and done, my goal is to lose 30 pounds by July 1, 2007 and he knows it!  And after I started school I had gained back 7 pounds from the 15 I had lost on WW, BUT. . . at last I’m back to my “smallest” which is 191.2.  My goal is 165.

What else?

Cleveland and I picked out rings the other day!!!!!  Some people I know will say, oh you’re supposed to let him pick it out, or design it – and I did at first and we were looking at stuff online for ideas then we went to get our fingers sized – cause we could, and had time – and we found the perfect ring for me , and the perfect ring for him.  Its not what I thought I would want but after seeing it and trying it on – there was NO letting it go so we put a downpayment on it and left.  SO – yes, I know what it looks like, but I don’t know when I’m getting it.  AND – we’ve decided on a place for the ceremony and reception and we’re sending the deposit this week, we’ve also chosen a caterer and my sister and PG are going to pretty much be in charge of the other stuff – I won’t have time.  Sister said to use her flower person so I just said OK – I’ve been dress searching for ideas online and in magazines.  My sister got my the bestest prettiest organizer we call “the princess planner” it’s, of course SILVAH, and I love it.  And I already have a pretty good idea on what the ensemble is wearing – by that I mean the ladies and gents inthe wedding.  we will have both boys and gilrs on both of our sides and I’m pretty set on something.  – – – So. . . that’s that. . . um . . what else. . .

Soon it will be time to decorate for Christmas and that will be fun, and Cleveland and I are going to Utah to see Antoan for the New years – WAY excited.  I love my friends.  What’s most important and dear about my friends is they understand my schedule and don’t hate me because I chose to train in my craft right now.  They know it takes hours at school, and hours away from school and its alot more work than most might imagine – which is why only a few actually make it in the program, and make it through.  So thank you to my real and true friends for believing in me trusting me, and understanding my time restraints and how important it is that in any “free” time I get that I see my family and you.

And on a happy family note I leave you with these:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Happy preholidays everyone.  May those you care about be close, and those you don’t get to see know you care about them.

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  1. You and your sister are so pretty!!

  2. So lovely in those pictures, you and your sis! I am happy for your ring-finding, that’s one huge thing out of the way. Happy preholidays AND Holidays to you if I don’t get to see you til 2007 πŸ˜› !!!

  3. Okay, got a chance to read the post, not just look at the pictures… and I think you’re TOTALLY right to pick out your rings together. After all, getting married and being married are things you’re doing together, not things he’s doing TO you. πŸ™‚

  4. wedding tasks
    ok so you need to let me know what “jobs” I have to do- or maybe summer should just delegate- I am super excited for this wedding-we need to get together so that we can talk about this and just be excited about your future. I am trying to figure out which day I should see your show- I cant wait for that either- super busy with school but I will give you a call.

  5. My dearest Auntie Fishy-
    Mommy and I miss you lots, but we are glad that you are having such a good time at school this year. It makes it so much more fun…or so they tell me. Mommy is jealous about your weight and although I know it’s MAINLY my fault…she doesn’t seem to be losing much these days.
    Auntie Fishy, I am getting so big! I can roll over and almost roll over from back to tummy, I’m trying desperately to crawl and I’m growing out of all my clothes! I go to get my 4 month check up today and Mommy goes back to work on Monday…she is a little sad, but I will be with Daddy and Auntie Courtney, so I think I will be okay.
    Mommy and I love you Auntie Fishy! You and Sista look wonderful!
    Love, Atreyu Marc

  6. Is this Summers Wedding? Wow. You guys look…..just….gorgeous. I’m soooooo happy for you Aiyani. I really am.

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