Today is October 16th. John Mayer is 29 today.

Happy birthday John, I’ve celebrated your birthday for 5 years now, and it was nice to see you a couple weeks ago. You’re hair is crazy, if that’s what you’re going for – mission accomplished. I miss your storiess between songs and you need to eat something, your face looks like you don’t eat or sleep anymore. I understand you recently moved (earlier this year) to Santa Monica and that THAT means I’m supposed to visit more, but I have school and rehearsal – and with you on tour with Sheryl, I really don’t know when we’re gonna celebrate your birthday. I know you wanted to hang out New Years, and I told you that I”m going to Utah and I also told you you are MORE than welcome to come with, but you’re probably going to choose your 25 year old scotch and smoking pot through your vaporizor thing. You already know how I feel about that so I won’t bother posting about it. Again, it was nice to see you a couple weekends ago – I hope the tour with Sheryl continues to be fun and exciting, its fun watching you too sing together – she’s awfully tiny, but tell her I said hi, and that she looks great. Rik (the 13 year old brother) totally has a new appreciation for you after seeing you in concert and has since begun learning Vultures and In Repair – my 2 favorites from Continuum. If you have time know that i would love to have you come see my show here in Santa Maria, and if you don’t i’ll still expect flowers and a card telling me how sad you are you couldn’t be there. Love you, and miss you and will see you next Summer, if not before then.

Different note – Sisters wedding FANTASTIC. Red wine got on her dress at the beginning of the reception but Cleveland and I stayed up late last night to get it out. Remember – Don’t SHOUT it out, . . ZOUT it out. šŸ˜‰

night night all

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  1. Ever heard of Wine Away? It really is amazing at disappearing red wine. (Sounds like you were successful, though. šŸ™‚ )

  2. P.S. I have been successful getting out red wine with white wine…I know sounds funny…and sorry for the double post here, but I thought the first one deserved it’s own space!

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