My stuffed animal and semi muse for Seussical. . . her name is Debra. Debra the Zebra (pronounce it to rhyme). My name?. . Dot, and I have a twin brother named Spot, but he lives in the Jungle Book and I rarely see him anymore.

It’s becoming more and more fantastic. Our director and choreographer (one in the same) is taking everything the cast can offer and using it to her advantage. It’s nice to be apart of something where I don’t have to attempt a triple toe loop and land in the arms of someone 5’2″ and weigh less then my lower half. Real nice.

More exciting news. The calendar is up and tickets are ready to be purchased. Showtimes are matinees at 2pm, and evening performances begin at 7pm. Unfortunately kids less than 4 years old cannot attend. And children under 5years old cannot attend saturday night performances as this is a very driven night during the week. BUT, please find a babysitter and come see mattinee or grab a night performance then dessert (with me!!!!) afterwards.

I’m having fun ladies and gents. And you all know how much i . . . well – hated this place last year. this year, i don’t hate it. I have changed, people have changed, moods have changed and it’s a good thing. It’s fun to be at rehearsal. . . .even though I spend 4 hours in 3 inch heels learning everyone’s dance moves including my own (somehow it’s worse than being a swing) I feel that my role is important. . . as the Zebra (soft e. . .edward vs eat) and as the dance captain. Being the dance captain for something like this is WAY bigger and different than it was being a dance captain for other productions – WAY different, in a very advanced and challenging way.

Tomorrow we “share” our Chekhov units. What the hell is that?. . . As a class (the second years) we are sharing with our fellow classmates and some of the faculty some of the scenes we’ve been working on by Anton Chekhov. I am in a scene from a play called “The Three Sisters” I’ve had to wear a corset in rehearsals in class and outside of class to get the time period down and a different feeling for this person I play altogether. It’s very freeing to be sharing a space with people I respect and that understand what kind of hours you have but can also respect the kind of work that you do.

Sister’s rehearsal is tomorrow and her wedding is Saturday. OMG. SOOOOO excited. I called her yesterday and told her she didn’t need to have any nightmares or worry dreams because I was taking care of it for her. Good LORD I didn’t get any sleep with those dreams. Her dress is here with me in me and cleveland’s home and it’s perfect.

My sister is so silly and crazy because amidst the preperation of her own wedding she keeps finding moments to talk about mine and that’s not even until next Summer. I told her we need to worry about HER and she said everythings fine and she just wanted to show me this. . .or that. . or whatever. It’s been real nice feeling that I’m not taking away from her in anyway but that she is also very excited for me for next summer.

And on a completely crazy note. My brother Ben, the 19 year old was baptized as a mormon last month before he moved to Cincinnati, which he all of a sudden is moving home from and wants to marry his 24 year old mormon girlfriend in december. Now, i’m not going to go into my beliefs on religion, just know that there are things I don’t approve of as a sister or his friend and that he worries me sometimes because he’s been lacking follow through lately. And he says things like this to my mom “what. . . Summer’s marrying Matt and he’s 5 years younger than her” to which I want to say “yah, but. . .smurf? they’ve been dating for 4 1/2 years or so, you’ve known Jen a couple months. He’s just making so many different and wierd changes lately I don’t really know what to say or how to say it. I love him, I do – and that won’t change but I don’t understand why he’s in such a rush, why is all of a sudden after a month is saying how hard it is living in Cincinnati when he hasn’t really even tried it. Now, of course I’d rather my brother be close to me, but if he’s says how grown up we need to treat him, well be better be prepared to act like it. He needs to plan past working for minimum wage is he wants to support he and his maybe wife because mommie and dadda will not do it for him. If he’s gonna claim to be a grown up he sure as hell better be ready to act like one.

I don’t know – I have so many different feelings right now I’m just throwing them all out here on this paper. . .this electronic. . paper.

It’s 1:17am. I should get some sleep. A long weekend is approaching.

PS. Please don’t comment about the section of my brother. I just need to get it out, I can’t listen to what anyone has to or wants to say about it right now. Thank you.

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  1. hard
    Hard for me NOt to comment since I have one of those little brother types…sigh…anyways, I think it is rude to not let well behaved babies in!!! I will try and find a sitter and go though.
    Love you

    • Re: hard
      yay!!!! I’m so sorry the caper can’t come – I know he’d be fine, but they’re wierd I guess. And remember we have matinees if you can’t get a babysitter at night!
      i love you, and hopefully I’ll be able to drop by one of these mondays.

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