2 words = Savion Glover

A FANTASTIC tap dancer that toured to the PAC in SLO recently and a few girls from school and myself went to see him.  Then we waited at the stage door, got autographs from the musicians and then got to go backstage and wait for Savion.  Then he rounds the corner and everyone wants a picture and an autograph – and we of course all got them, and then I asked for a hug.

I love people that make you want to be a better _______ ( in this case, tap dancer – but you get the point)

Sister’s wedding is rapidly approaching. SO excited!!!! We had Tea at the Tea House in SLO. . J. . Henry? (mandy thought of you and I don’t know if it just sounds like J. Henry, or if it IS J. henry – BUT there ya go) last saturday with all but one of the bridesmaids who couldn’t get off work in San Jose. . Mountain view area.  And I seriously leaned to my sister and said “it’s nice that you don’t go all bridezilla and fire her from your wedding because she couldnt’ attend Tea time” as it earlier this year became apparent to me that if you don’t attent things and you’re in the bridal party – you get fired.  Hello I don’t have money for a bachelorette party in Vegas and therefore spent September 9th with people that still like me, and love me.  Rolling Eyes party of one? you’re table is ready.  Sister and I just laughed and continued on with the wonderful bite size of everything lunch and 3 different kinds of tea.  And if you’re wondering I actually DID get full.  to my surprise, granted – but none the less I did get full. 

Rehearsal has begun and there’s just SOOOO much music I’m not sure what to do with myself.  My brain is going a mile a minute and praise Jesus for Digital Voice Recorders.  After we learn all the music we’ll start dancin’ and I ordered a new pair of character heels to practice in, . . . 3 INCHES becasue that’s how tall my boots are.  Now.  . . 3 inch heels are really a piece of cake to walk in – try daning in them.  Serioulsy with my shoes and head gear I’m a good 6’6″ – 7 feet tall.  I’m apparently the HOTTEST Zebra in the Jungle of Nool.  And I’ll keep plugging as we go.  We have preview Shows 11/9, and 11/10 and opening night is 11/11 and we don’t close until december 21.  SO – please come.  It would be really great to see people I know that care about me in the audience supporting me.  After all there’s a difference between community theatre runs and something like this.  It’s a pro theatre, yes with pro – equity actors yes.  . . but. . it’s more than that.  So please come, if you can.  MY GOD the costumes are SO effing cool I”m not sure what to think.  I thought spinning around in my napkin dress backstage was fun and the few times I got to go on was very fulfilling, but this role is mine.  There is no other Zebra, I’m IT! and our set design is freagin’ cool and the costumes and I adore our director and choreographer, and the gentlemen who plays the Cat in the Hat, is the same wonderful man that brought me to PCPA (Michael Jenkinson) and he choreographed Beauty and the Beast last year and Oliver.  SO COOL – seriously.

what else? . . um. .  school is actually just lovely right now.  I’m not overwhelmed with needing to memorize too much at one point.  The teachers don’t demand as much paper trail work as they did last year, which is REALLY helpful, because really it just makes us WANT to do it.  it makes us WANT to put IN more time in researching a time period and the music and all of these great things you do when defining a character and they just expect you to research and come in with ideas and offers and ready to work – I like that.  REAlLY ALOT I LIKE IT.  There are only a couple people I cannot stand this year, which is WAY better than I can only HANDLE a couple people like last year.  And that also helps move the day and week by. 

My weight is yucky.  I get weighed this saturday.  And I want to lose 30 pounds by July 1, 2007.  I need motivation, I lack it and my goal seems too much like a fantasy – like wanting to look like Jennifer Garner by Christmas.  Help?? – I don’t know

I hope you are well with your world. Thanks for checkin’ in!

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  1. Ah, I love Savion Glover! AND people who inspire you to want to be a better (blank).
    Weight? Quite simple. Calories in, calories out. Plus, you know, some nutrition in there. But honestly, if you do the math (I know!), and painstakingly vet everything that goes into and out of your system, losing weight shouldn’t be that difficult. But then, you have to factor your body type into it as well.
    It takes a shitload of work and attention. Information is power!

  2. I count calories too…Not that it seems to do me much good, but i am working on it…the baby, Pete and I are sick, so no gym, and that doesn’t help…on a better note…I think Atryu will be old enogh to sit and watch the colors by the time the show runs…so as long as i can afford it…I do believe we will be there…providing we can get an aisle seat…otherwise it will be VERY tricky to keep him quiet…!
    Love you Auntie Fishy!

  3. I like…
    to hear these fabulous things come out of your mouth….er, fingers. Except for the weight thing – don’t be discouraged, Corla is here to push you to the gym anytime you need a slap in the face or a kick in the butt. Or to warn you that there is only a clearance of 6 feet 5 inches at certain parts of the set, so please duck.
    In all seriousness, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you happy here, happy in your personal life, happy with being in Seussical, etc. I know last year was hard on you, and look at the amazing turn around. AND YOUR SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED NEXT WEEK. I just wanted to say that. In capital letters.
    You kind of rock my socks. And I’m not even wearing socks.
    -Miss Elzon

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