Rehearsal for Suessical starts next tuesday, I’m a little excited.  More over I think I’m excited that I dont’ have to understudy ANYONE.  That’s REALLY my FAVORITE part. 

Sisters last fitting was last night for her dress it came out fantastic.  The dress she bought in order to change it all to what she wanted, has taken an amazing turn for the better. She is brilliant and creative and I have loved every moment celebrating with her this year.  From her engagement, to now 15 days away.  When i can – I’ll post pictures so you can see.  Of course that will be after october 14, 2006.  =)

Homocoming was fantastic this year.  As reigning (Jayme, is that right?) King, my queen and I had the privelage of throwing the party this year and crowning this years King and Queen to keep the tradition alive.  I got no where NEAR as tossed as last year.  Thank goodness.  The beverage I offered along with many other option was the “Princess Flirtini”. 

Pineapple juice

Princess Flirtini:
Vodka Champagne
Pineapple Juice

Went over smashingly.  I went as the Phantom and Cleveland helped with my makeup scaring my face and stuff, and I had my mask hangin on my button up shirt beneath the clasp of my cloak.  He went as me at the green apron.  Classic.

I’ve gone up in weight – yuck.  weighing at 193.6, and my “smallest” being 191.2.  Before I was chalking it up to lack of going to the gym because when school started we had workshops ALL day.  Then for the past few weeks I’ve been able to go and as much as I truly have been trying to eat right, I’m not eating enough veggies I know it.  But my water intake has increased with all the dance I’ve been taking and sing tech of course encourages it and bla bla bla. So I think I’ll see some results inthe next few weeks providing I keep trying to down that water, eat more veggies and stay at the gym.  The only slight problem is rehearsal.  cause once it starts. . .

9 – 10:25
10:35 – 12
1 – 2:55
3:05 – 4:30
rehearsal 6:30 – 10:30

and somewhere in there I’m sleeping and doing homework and trying to get to the gym.  Wish my luck and if you have quick “good for you” recipes please throw them my way.

What else?  Feel like I’m missing something.  Um for whatever reason someone (and more) out there is mixing up there facts about me and kaza. . .  So  – just chill out all.  What it comes down to is we’ve just decided to go in separate directions in our lives.  She’s happy with her life, and I am happy with mine.  There will always be 3 sides to this story.  her side, my side, and what really happened.  And if one day I share my story that’s my prerogative, as it is hers – and if I don’t and she doesn’t it is not your job to gossip or try to pull the stories out of us, or make up your own.  Remember when i said “change is good as long as you own it”…..?  Well things have changed, I’m different, I like it, I own it and if I don’t like it I say it and then move on.  Life is going to go by to quickly for me stop and make sure everybody “hears my story.”  The bottom line for me is I have my truth, and under no circumstances should I ever feel obligated to share that with you – I do it becaues I want to and becasue I can, not because I need to defend myself or Kaza, or anyone else. 

There – deep moment over. 

On a completely different note I’m going to spend new years in Utah visiting Antoan and I”M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! a;leiwarj  L;KJESF;LAIWRJasklj l  ASDL;FKJDSF;LKDSJF KLSFJ ;KLS KLSF  = i’m excited. we’ll make snow angels like we did 10 years ago………woah.

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  1. That’s right! A+ and smiley faces on your paper!
    I have lots of good for you soup recipes that are easy to make and you can make a bunch and then just freeze it and eat it when you want. email me at jayme at tolaris dot com if you want them and I’ll send ’em over. =]

  2. 4 sides
    theres yours, hers, the real thing and…….ok theres realy only 3 sides but if your happy thats the main thing..
    wuv joo pwincess

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