The Key to relationships

is Toys . I realize just by writing that it can be taken in a very sexual manner, that is not my intention. I mean reconnecting to the child in you kind of toys.

Some say the key to a relationship or multiple relationships is communication, trust, an open mind and all of those chicken soup for the _____ books. It’s not, no really follow me on this. When were you absolutely 100% content and happy with no further expectations or feelings of responsiblities last? When did you not worry about alarm clocks and timecards and paychecks and schedules and car problems and TV problems and homework and family issues. It’s when you were a kid and all you needed was your favorite toy.

It was so simple then wasn’t it, you looked forward to going to the store because you might get something if you were good. That’s all you had to do was get in the car with mom, go to the store, not cry or complain and you were rewarded. Now if you go to the store and don’t complain or cry it’s because you only spent $75 instead of $100.

Keep following me here, I’m getting to the relationship part soon.

Now, your relationship to your parent when they gave you something, do you remember that? They were your favorite, they were your hero you were willing to do anything they told you to do from picking up your room to helping in the yard. No, I do not agree with giving small children toys and presents to shut them up, giving IN to that sort of relationship is unhealthy – follow?

SO, if you’re in a relationship you have to come to terms with what kind of toy you are or what could represent you best and in addition to that find out who you’re playing with/dealing with. Are you even compatible? Does barbie REALLY ever date GI Joe? Do the my little ponies ever play or connect with the care bears? And the great part is, you don’t even have to know before going into the relationship. You have to be willing and open (yes that helps in a relationship – but not the key) to accept this person for who and what they are.

Change is a horrible word. No one on this planet is entitled to ask or force someone to change it just comes out dirty, used and less than you began with. Metaphorically speaking as well as literally. You buy something and give that person money, they give you change. What the hell are you going to do with that change accept try to add it up to all the other changes and try to make something more out of it. don’t try to change others, don’t short change anyone else or yourself, you really ARE worth EVERY penny – damnit.

So now we have to be open, willing, and not try to change the other person – do we trust them? Can you? Can you be a limited edition collectible item and fathom hooking up with a dime a dozen plastic toy that might break on you? Well that’s really your choice. You can try it and see what happens, or you can run away from it and try to find another limited edition collectible item on ebay for what you are worth, plus change.

you’re getting it now aren’t you.

The key is know who you are when you are at your happiest and best because that is who you really are. How many times do you ever hear people laugh and enjoy themselves then say “gosh i’m so sorry i’m not really like this – i’m normally a really depressing horrible person”. . . try close to never.

And start at the beginning of joy, that easy place of absolute content with the small things or bright and shiny things because it might just equal that favorite toy you grew up with and handled with such care all those years ago, and when you go back to it and realize how tattered and torn it is now you’ll realize it’s not used up, or dirty – it’s experienced and you still look at it with those fresh adoring eyes the way you did then.

questions to ask yourself:
what would you be if you were a child’s toy?
Are you the same kind of toy you enjoyed playing with all those years ago, or have you changed?
Do you enjoy change?
Are you willing to accept and deny change as it comes to you?

ladies and gentlemen welcome to toy talk by Ai Mersai – those of you over at LJ, welcome back, newcomers welcome – welcome welcome welcome.

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  1. I think that I’m a teddy bear. Not any teddy bear, though. I’m the one that was always your favorite and you don’t really know why but they were always there to snuggle, chat, sing, dance and could go on any adventure you could because they were versatile and willing.
    OR – an Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” Barbie.

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