Tuesday we can back to school from our well deserved 3 week vacation. My first vacation in over 2 years. (Normally vacation means more STGA, but not this year!) Upon our return we had to audition for the play “The Man Who Came to Dinner” funny play – really quite a comedy. We had to do 2 monologues. Fine, fabulous, Done. Then we had call backs and I recieved one for one of the wives friends. Fine, fabulous, my head is telling me this character sounds like Miss Miller from the Chipmunks (the chipettes lived with her if you remember correctly) and done. Then I was called back for Harriet – the sister of the man who owns the house. Harriet is 45-50 years old, a little kooky, probably enjoys her drinkies a little too much and in her late teens slash early 20’s murdered her own parents by way of axe. . . well – that’s funny right?! put that in the comedy. No really it actually is funny. And my audition for the role (role jayme!) was probably not THE best, but seriously I’d love to play the kooky old lady who killed her parents and is now hidden from human existance in her brothers attic only to come out for church once a week and to use the restrooms. Laughs all around, for everyone!

And now, The Chalk Circle rehearsals have begun. Bertolt Brechts “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” has been adapted by Patricia Troxel (a genius) and will be directed by her this year at PCPA. We auditioned for this before we left for vacation, and yes I got a call back, no I was not cast. All is well though – I’m VERY excited for the people who get to go on this amazing adventure with the Troxelcon and I’m very eager to visit their rehearsals and be there opening night. I’m also looking forward to not having rehearsals. . . I don’t mean to come across as egotistical but I’ve been apart of all the musicals since I began, or a conservatory projects or a musical theatre ensemble piece (yes most if not all of this is mandatory or a privelage) BUT there is sometimes a place in my heart and brain and in my body that pleads to me to stop moving around and rest. And I know we just rested for 3 weeks, I mean during the school year.

There is only one person who’s been constantly going since school began, with practically all the plays and that is Louise Tremblay, and I’d probably be utterly annoyed if not hate her and be jealous if it wasn’t for her great work ethic and school effort. She is ALWAYS prepared and ready to go and ready to work, and the girl never gets a break – so my dear Louise. . .kudos.

I’m excited to be able to go to school, have time for the gym, and do my homework and maybe even spend more time making discoveries and trying out new stuff with my work at school because time will permit me to do so. Truly, very excited – be excited for me

To those of you in rehearsal right now, congrats and go to bed when you can and eat more veggies with protein and you’ll last longer, to those not in rehearsal – wanna have coffee soon?


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  1. That’s a yes to the coffee. And we can have free coffee at my house if you so desire because my parents bought me an espresso maker and it makes YUMMY, CREAMY espresso. Mmmmmmmm….

  2. Patricia Troxel was one of my professors at Cal Poly! I liked her. 🙂

  3. We saw “Lady in the Water” and Paul Giamatti’s character is named Cleveland and I thought of you.
    Good to hear you’re getting a break! I’m actually going to take on-campus classes (both night classes) at Hancock this semester.

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