Rage against WaMu

All right, I don’t want to relive the HUGE issues Cleveland and I had with Washington Mutual as of late but to slightly re-cap. . .

– 2 freud checks were posted, one was finally refunded after 2 months the other was denied (this is not their policy)
– froze account, then closed it because said freud check, but were “kind enough” to open a new account for him
-sent a letter that said your account is over drawn and we didn’t let _____ check clear. Funny, after all that time inside a WaMu and all those “notes” they left eachother they still tried to let stuff go through on the “frozen” account, including ANOTHER freud check. Effing ridiculous.

There’s more – but GGRRRRRRRRRR

SO. . . I need suggestions for a good bank that has banks here and in Los Angeles/San Diego and nationwide preferrably, but at least in California.

Thanks all

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  1. Bank of America??? Shana’s with them. You could probably ask her if she’s had any problems.

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