Relay 4 Life

So, I’ve successfully signed up for Relay 4 Life again this year, but it’s brough to my attention that our team is not as large as it normally is/used to be. COME ON GUYS!!!! I have so much fun with everyone.
I remember learning Boggle with Amy – did you sign up?
I remeber walking with Joel – did you sign up?
I remember Jax and arielle, and sarryh and logan and sergio – please come play!!!! I’m gonna be there the whole time this year, because I’m not auditioning for summer season at PCPA. It’s saturday June 30th in SLO.

Please everyone and anyone come and play, sing skarieokie, play games, smell like sun screen and walk the track for those of our friends who have survived cancer and in memory of those we may have lost.

This is the link to the Castaways site

I miss everyone so much, please come and play and catch up with me and everyone else and be the legendary castaways that we all know we are!. . . or that we all know we yarrr!!!!!

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