Nobody Reads This, Chapter Two

We the People – suck.

People suck. For the most part, they just suck. They can’t drive, they can’t walk fast enough, they can’t drink carefully, they can’t wear their clothes correctly (yes, that saggy pant look gentlemen STILL looks ridiculous), jeans should never be THAT tight, lipstick should never be traced to the bottom of your chin and up to your nostrils – your eyebrows should be made of hair, not a cream pencil. They can’t apologize they can’t admit to being wrong or be humble when they are right. They are liars, they are cheaters, they smell funny (yes we can tell that cheap cologne from the good stuff and marinating in it doesn’t fool us), they are uneducated they are foreign to everyone. People are uncultured and opinionated and right winged and left winged but can’t fooking fly away from all of it can they. People are unbelievable annoying with the way the eat and talk and fill in the blanks with sound effects and the word “like” as if we weren’t having enough trouble understanding them they have to use words that don’t move the story forward. They take too long in the checkout stand, they take too long at the gas station, and you don’t need to sample the Orange chicken at Panda jackass you got it yesterday – stop trying to get free food. They spend money EVERY SINGLE day and most of it is NOT on necessities, most of it is on material memorabilia or some kind of retail therapy that they needed because of how hard their life is. How hard is your life? People have stupid loud car alarms that no one even pays attention to, they have teams for things like bowling, chess and even golf but most of the money in the world is made from destroying teams, or watching them destroy themselves. Teams that are supposed to help each other get through stuff but get “voted” off. Teams whose sole purpose is to try and beat out other teams. And then – THEN America choses everything. All these ridiculous flaws AND we get to decide on who is famous, who is fat, who is stupid, who is ugly, who is creative, who is not, who is resourceful, who is smart, who cooks better, who is prettier, who is taller, who wears the dress better. We decide who has better taste in men and if babies are cute or scary. People just suck. The attitude thing, just sucks and screw you for thinking you are so high and mighty and all knowing and that any and all of your self proclaimed miserable life experiences gives you the right to soooooo much more than the next person. People don’t care. They don’t care about death, unless its theirs or the family member with the most money, they don’t care about life because they are afraid they will have to pitch in and buy diapers. They are afraid of moving on or moving forward because then they wouldn’t have anything to effing complain about – well you know what————-You will get yours. You WILL get exactly what is coming to you and to your surprise it may not be what you always thought you’d get. But your choices are yours and that’s what makes you shift gears and that’s why you feels so damned compelled to go on and on and on with all of your drama and your life stories and lessons as you try to “find who you are” Discovery was thrown away when you started making decisions. The phrase “what if” doesn’t exist with people because they need instant gratification in their sorry lives. I’m over weight but I walked for 20 whole minutes today, I deserve ice cream. What the hell is wrong with you people. You SUCK. You are self righteous and pompous and think ONLY of yourselves, and you think of others only when in the end it will benefit you. If there is no drama – you create it because you get bored with your money and shopping and eating and knitting and coloring and crafting and hobbying and driving and this and that and the other is AAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL not good enough to keep your pea sized brain occupied. Wah Wah Wah – Poor Pitiful you.

Someone out there can relate to this
Someone out there hates this
Someone out there laughed at this
Someone out there was offended by this
Someone out there wants to fight about this
Someone out there will comment on this
Someone out there will not comment on this
Someone out there will be sarcastic because of this
Someone out there will be saddened by this
Someone out there will feel sorry for me for writing it
Someone out there will want to flip me off
Someone out there will pray for me
Someone out there will think this is based on him
Someone out there will think this is based on her
Someone is right
Someone is wrong
Someone doesn’t care
Someone wants to fix it
Someone is thinking how immature
Someone out there is thinking how extremely well thought out
Someone out there will be motivated to change
Someone out there will say kiss off and prove it all
Someone is hurt
Someone feels release and is finding comfort in this
Someone will live
Someone will die
Someone out there will now cheat
Someone out there will now lie
Someone out there will never cheat again
Someone out there will never lie again
Someone out there is wondering where it all came from
Someone out there misses me
Someone out there misses you
Someone out there is correcting my grammar
Someone out there is full of garbarge
Someone out there thinks this is brilliant.

But I’ll bet not one of you thought to ask me if I really believe it all,
Nor would you have asked it of yourself

Why? Because you suck.

It is the brain vs. the heart
It is the rat vs. the race
It is the strike vs. the block
It is the storm vs. the calm
It is the tears vs. the laughter
It is direct
It is the opposite of direct
It is quiet vs. noise
It is water vs. fire

It is anything and everything you want it to be, why do you have to suck? Why do you have to make everything…..suck?

Shame on you vs. Shame on Me


Find SOMETHING and believe in it, then see if it all actually sucks anymore or not.

making you believe vs. telling you, you suck

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  1. I am the someone who laughed.
    I agree.
    I disagree.
    I believe in art and family.

  2. Name the film 🙂
    “Damn Baby, What you do to yo hair”?

    • Re: Name the film 🙂
      What is GHOST with Whoopi Goldberg
      my real response is actually “do you like it? Its autumn sunrise”

      • Re: Name the film 🙂
        that’s my girl… you didn’t even bat an eyelash!
        was great to see you – love you. me 🙂

    • Re: Name the film 🙂
      What is GHOST with Whoopi Goldberg
      my real response is actually “do you like it? Its autumn sunrise”

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