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I finished.  I successfully graduated from PCPA on Sunday May 20 and my sister had a wonderful graduation party for me and my family.  I looked HOT. lol, if I do say so myself.  I’ll post a picture next time.  By next time i mean maybe later today since I’m not at school for 12 hours a day 6 days a week anymore.  I’m sure I will reflect on my time there as well – but today is not that day.  I will reflectwhen I feel I’m actually done.  Right now I just feel like I don’t have rehearsal today so that’s nice and I’ll clean the house a bit.  

Relay 4 Life this year is Saturday June 30 at SLO High School and Brighteyes has returned as our Captain and the theme is Games – or somethign like that.  This year the “Re-Castaways” are the game MUNCHKIN.  Which I inevitably will have to research since I have NO idea what this game is about.  I think Dave n Alice have it, and I think I even played it once with them over many drinks and after playing many other games.  Needless to say I don’t remember anything about the game.  PS.  If you would like to join, or walk for a bit, or come and hang out, or donate for our cause our site is again: 

Amy I miss our BOGGLE time, I don’t think you’re signed up and maybe you are going to be out of town, but know that I was looking forward to it, and I’ll be sad if I don’t see you.  

Jax, are you even out there anymore? If so – HI and the cloak you gave me 5 years ago after I performed in Into the Woods came in handy for my showcase at school.  I played DEATH and everyone thought I was amazing.  And the movement and gestures and voice and make up all helped but that cloak fed me in the best way while trying to find my character.  EVERYONE loved it so you were quite the topic of conversation several times during the last week of school.  

LM – I know you’re leaving soon, and the bridal shower has been moved to a different date, and you will be gone by then.  I know we need to find time to play before then, please call me so we can figure it out.  Hi Diane!

Lynda Mondragon – move to San Diego with me and my jeff.  And I know you said you wanted Blood Wedding and Tantalus?? just give jeffy-jeff money when you see him and he’ll make you a copy.  =)

Anna Ashford – Hope you got home safe today, thanks for coming over yesterday to hang out and say goodbye.

I am currently doing the “Lemonade Diet”.  Its actually the “Master Cleanse” designed to clean out my system and flush out toxins from my body.  So all I drink is this mix of fresh squeezed lemons, Organic Grade B maple syrup, water and a bit of ceyenne pepper.  It actually tastes pretty good.  At night I’m supposed to drink Senna Leaf tea (an herbal laxative tea that apparently assists in loosening toxings from the sides of my intestines etc TMI sorry!) and in the morning a saline wash (1 quart of luke warm water with 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt)  Some people lose weight on this, but it is not designed for weightloss.  I did take pictures and measurements so I could see at the end and compare any results.  But we shall see, well – YOU may not see. . . lol but I shall see!

Smurf and his wife Jenn are having a boy.  Baby Samuel Adachi Mersai.  yay.  My dadda’s name is Samuel and Adachi is…his mothers maiden name – I think.  I’m not sure but it comes from his side of the family.  

Wedding plans are coming along, I believe everything is in place, just have to start paying people off soon! hahaha

And Jeffy-Jeff got accepted to SDSU so we will moving in August.  He is going for his Bachelors in Theatre then he wants to go to UC Irvine for his Masters in Sound Design.  Somewhere in there I’ll be auditioning again for theatre (that will be new!) and TV and Films again.  It will be nice.  And the subject of kids has only come up a few times, so not for a while.  Like maybe 3-5 years or so.  

I have to go run errands now, but I’ll see you all at Relay, or ….somewhere I’m sure.  I know everyone has moved on with their lives since I’ve been at school its been really great to have the support of my real friends and family.  Thank you for not throwing me out of your life because of my dedication to my work at school and lack of time for much else.  These last 2 years have shown me who really cares about me, and who doesn’t.  Its been freeing in a way and it feels great to be moving on.  

Thank you, have a great day – have  a great intro to summertime and wear sunscreen

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  1. You already know I got home safe, but here’s a little trivia:
    My mother has used the same local flower nursery for years and years and years and it’s called Adachi’s. We always assumed the owners were Filipino but maybe they’re from Palau?
    Oh, and the deluxe edition of Pass The Pigs includes a deck of cards with all of the different pig positions on them. You’re dealt five cards at the beginning of the game and put the rest of the deck in the center (a.k.a. the Pigsty). Someone rolls the pigs and if you have a card picturing the position they land in you have to throw down your cards and yell “Oink!” If you don’t have a card of the position you have to yell “Grunt!” and draw a card from the Pigsty. The object is to get rid of all your cards while you fight your way to 100 points. And my mother and I were rolling until we pigged out today and I rolled a 110.
    Miss you already.

  2. Congratulations on finishing! I know you’ve worked really hard and had to sacrifice a lot over the last few years.
    By the way, we received our invite. They’re beautiful! And so cool. 😀 We’re totally there (no excuses since it’s almost in our back yard). I’ll be sending out my response today-ish.

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