Brain. Ready-Set…..Set


One girl didn’t get her costume (yes I call it that) ordered, not her fault stores fault.

One girl was sent the wrong top (again, stores fault she totally ordered the right one)

Haven’t heard status of Ro’s costume or SK’s costume.

The yard sale we made over $1200 so that was helpful for wedding funds

by the way this is happening on July 14 which puts us in at 16 day countdown.

I’m actually not stressed. 

Meanwhile I’ve been packing us up, we move to Carlsbad/Vista area in mid August, he starts at SDSU end of august.  Then we move to Irvine ( i believe) he wants to attend UCI for his masters in sound design.

I’m hungry.

I haven’t seen my friends in a while. That’s a lie I spent time with Kevin last week (Kevin Novoa).  But that’s it.  I saw Daaaaana last week!!!! That was fun, hadn’t seen her in ( I think we decided on) two years. EW

I get to see Kitten and Peanut (and sometimes Scott) almost every week. I got to see many of my friends at my Bridal Shower on June 16th, so really I’m a liar, I’m just a princess and want to see my friends WAY more often than once in a while.

Relay 4 life this weekend. Come to Santa Rosa Park in SLOville to play.

His best friend is getting married next weekend 7/7/07 (that by the way was the weekend I had planned to marry John Mayer when I fell in love with him in August 2002.  He was invited to the wedding, but I think he’s really upset that I’m actually going through with it, so he hasn’t RSVP’d but I’ll try calling him later to check in.

A better post soon I’m sure, one where I ramble the way I do and people get offended or I get an applause.

k, bye

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  1. You’re mad as a box of frogs, you know that? And AWESOME. CONGRATULATIONS! Hooray! Happy Wedding! Hope you guys have a fantastic day! PICTURES. =D

  2. Wow, how exciting that it’s coming up so soon! And it’s awesome that you are not stressed. Good to hear.
    And, it’s good to see you posting again! Best wishes to the both of you on this wedding thing!

  3. wow 16 days!
    I most likely won’t beable to go to your wedding with the shows and all but I told Jeffy-jeff that I would invite you two if you thought you’d actually come since you would have just moved and he would have just started school. Let me know if you would, and send me your info and I will send you an invitation!

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