and counting down.  

T – 4 days

Yes little last minute stuff

excited to wear my rings 

staying at the Carlton in Atascadero sat night, yay and to disneyland on sunday (but unfortunately Cleveland doesn’t get to go, he has to work) I’m going with Ro, Antoan and Mentor. yay

renn fair is apparently next weekend, and I told mark and stephanie i would go, having never been.  if you know directions please tell me – thank you.  I know its in slo by cuesta I can’t say that really helps me….the directionally impaired on occasion. 

how are you?

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  1. What does your Friday look like? I’m sure you’re busy but I would love to see you before you’re walking down the aisle.
    Own personal countdown: T – 3 days

  2. take highway one north from san luis, once past the prison, jail, and entrance to the army base take a right instead of a left to turn into cuesta (first entrance when comming form SLO) follow the road till your car gets mired by mud, or more likely other cars and can go no further..
    exit vehicle, listen for sounds of people still drunk from the night before (if you show up on a sunday) or those in revely and planning to drink home made ale’s, meads, lagers, fermented juices of all sorts… oh and there might be the clashing of blades as well…
    follow sounds you’ll find it eventually

    • Actually, parking for attendees is on the Cuesta side. Instead of turning right as James says, you need to turn left into Cuesta. They will have parking and a shuttle set up to ferry attendees from the parking lot to the front gate and back.

  3. I keep wanting to tell you YOU”RE GETTING MARRIED SOON but you hadn’t posted in a while and I felt stupid commenting on an old entry 🙂
    I really wish I could be there, but hopefully you can be at mine! My bridal shower is in like 2 weeks and I was thinking about yours and how fast that went by. I’m starting to get a little nervous…

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