Here we come, or There we go

We leave in 9 days. My goodness time is flying. I’ve accomplished so much this year, and I know it would have been impossible without Cleveland and my siblings (and their spouses) and my mommie and my dadda n Terry. I know that Miss Elzon and Anna Ashford have changed my life. I know that the people I got along with at PCPA will keep in touch here and there but for the most part I chose to be the outcast, it worked out for me – and them I think to be that person. It kept our relationship where I needed it to be. And for that I am thankful.

Our wedding was the most fun I’ve had since I dont’ know when. It was “performed” like a play complete with tickets in the invitation, a playbill as the program and a fantastic sound design by of course – my new Mr. People were requesting the soundtrack even. It made people laugh and cry, and my friends with babies could all be there. It was great. I wouldn’t want any of them for a moment think their children could not come, it is just as important to have their family with them as it was for me to have them there (if that makes sense) It even started on time, like a good show! Complete with a “sit down shut up” the “please turn off your cell phones and other electronic devices . . . ” in the voice of kermit the frog. The precessional and name of the play was “Somebody’s Getting married” from the Muppets take Manhattan, there was music under most of the ceremony – a lovely touch, and the funnest sound effects ever to move the show along and keep the audience interested. The food provided by Pacific Harvest Catering was PERFECT and the wine we purchased kept flowing all night. Kevin did wonderful as our Ceremony playback operator and DJ for the wedding complete with skarieokie – of course!!!!!. Cory (my big brother-ish, known him for 20 years) played the role of officiant, marvelous! All the parents looked great, the cast and crew looked great I felt great, Cleveland looked SOOOOOO handsome, I am so in love with him. It’s such an amazing feeling. It makes me laugh to think of Kaza asking me if I thought I was in love because it was convenient. That perhaps I thought I was in love because she was getting married and my sister was getting married and it was all happening so fast and bla bla bla. Well if by convenient she means good timing – sure, I’ll take it! He has made this life of mine complete. I am the most comfortable, the most happy and the most ready to move forward then I have ever been – EVER. It is so freeing, truly.

Relay for life went over VERY well. Our team the Re-Castaways won some fun prizes for walking the farthest. Over 100,000 steps. The next team was somewhere around 13,000 steps behind us. Its always fun to be apart of this and at the same time it can always be so sad. To see names of people who have fought to live makes me feel like this world is full of strong people and heroes are truly among us. And to see the names of those who have lost their battle make me feel so small and insignificant. That my small amount of money raised couldnt’ possibly help – but it does. It always does. I look forward to many more years of walking and raising money for the American Cancer Society, and I thank BrightEyes for bringing me into this world of surviving and fighting.

My sister Summer and I threw our sister-in-law Jenn (smurfs wife) a baby shower this last saturday. Well sister did most of it, I made some food and did what she told me to do. Sister is SOOOOOO good at throwing fun parties like this. The invites are always cute, the menu is always perfect, there’s always pictures and games and it all seems so well planned and perfect and fun. She should do this for a living for SURE. She threw me a WAY COOL oriental themed Bridal Shower and threw Jenn a quanit Tea Time baby shower. Such good ideas, so creative, so wonderful.

We have been packing a little everyday, so we’re good on timing. The truck is reserved, the apartment is ready for us in Vista (approx 40 minutes from San Diego Im’ told). My last day at the green apron (til I transfer) is this friday, we’re having a moving sale/yard sale at my mommies in AG on saturday. Monday we drive down to SD for his orientation on Tuesday at SDSU, then drive back. We pick up and pack up our truck on the 15th then leave on the 16th.

Once there and we get settled in I can audition for tons of theatre in San Diego, and I can start auditioning for TV and Film again through Cavaleri & Associates (my agent), eventually the goal is to be with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) =)

Thank you to everyone who reads this because I know you do it out of support. From living with Antoan in Burbank in 2003-2004 you have helped me financially, emotionally and mentally. Through 3 years of Sporting The Green Apron, tons of musical theatre and dance shows, Two Years of PCPA with 6 days a week of classes and rehearsal – you have been here. You did not expect anything from me, you wished me well. Thank you for that. Thank you for accepting me through my path over these past few years. It has been wonderful reading about you and your weddings, and the birth of your children and your birthday parties and your Haiku’s and One Sentence a day, and motorcycle license certification,and half way around the world with Jayme and Tyler. I will continue to read about your life, as you continue to write it out and I will continue to keep you updated on my life; on our lives as we step forward.

I feel nervous and scared and excited, but it all feels good.

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  1. Sounds like your wedding was AWESOME! I’m so glad you had such a good time! And so creative, too.
    Best of luck for everything coming your way!

  2. We love you, too, Aiyani. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us. Good luck in San Diego, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  3. It feels good to know that you’ll still be updating so I can read about the progress you continue to make. You will be a great success, whatever you do!

  4. Your wedding was beautiful. You’re right…there was laughter and there were tears, but most of all, there was joy. My only regret is that we didn’t arrange a sitter to watch Joseph for the later part of the program. I would have loved to have stayed and played. 😀
    Make sure you update at LEAST once a month. I’m so excited for you. San Diego is a beautiful city and will be such a fun place to start this next phase of your life.

  5. What a perfect wedding! Way to make it fit the two of you instead of trying to make yourselves bend to some tradition. I’m so happy for you =D
    And I still can’t imaging Smurf being married and all that. It’s just to weird for my brain.
    I have a friend who directs for community theater in Chula Vista, but that’s a bit far south for where you’re living. That and you’ll be able to get better gigs than that with your talent level =)

  6. Big Sister,
    You have changed my life as well. I feel so honored and happy to know that I have such a steadfast friend in you. I was thinking about some of our arguments over the past two years and how funny they are now. That’s the kind of friendship I look for. Someone I can mess up in front of and have it be okay after a while. Someone who can forgive me for my blunders and even put me in check when need be. Someone who can say “Yeah, that probably wasn’t the best decision. But what did you learn?” You are so important to me and I’m so happy that you and Jeffy-Jeff are moving forward with your lives. I love you.

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