firestorm. . . 2007

Well. That’s exciting and smokey and ashey and Cleveland and I voluntarily evacuated. SO -Vista, CA where I currently reside with my pretty husband last week full of a dark beige and brown smoke from the San Diego fires and raining ash the size of small snowflakes. One day last week we even closed the store (STGA) because the air quality was actually marked in red as “unhealthy” and the next day there were people bitching and moaning at us because of it – are you kidding me? The closest fire by us was in Escondido – 2 cities away, or about 8 or 9 miles from us and but the air was horrible. Antoan asked if it smelled like Ass and I said “no, ass would smell better” it smelled of burning rubber and bbq pits and dead plants and burning poop. All day long you could hear sirens EVERYWHERE. A controlled fire at Camp Pendleton caught a crazy wind and caught fire to the opposite side of the highway and the 5 was shut, in addition to the 15 that was closed down. The information you are missing is I live off the 78, in the middle of the 15 and 5 where they were both closed down.

We decided to pack up some clothes, take some important paperwork and a couple pictures and DVD’s with us to his parents house in Temecula, about 35 miles north of us. The closest fire to them was in Fallbrook, of which the smoke from THAT one invaded the 15 into a suffocating dark brown cloud. And on the first day we were in Temecula it was blue skies and by the second day the smoke from Fallbrook had made its way to their house. No moments of evacuating were assumed, it was too far away but the smoke, the smoke followed us. I spent 3 days indoors.

Well, on Day 2 we went to see Rendition because it was starting to clear up, just to walk out of the movie theatre to a coughing attack. The smoke had got so thick we couldn’t really see infront of us very far, allthough the ash was as thin as what trails off the end of a cigarette. Cleveland got to play video games with his brother (Daniel) and I watched TV and started the scarves for xmas presents.

There was even a day when the 15 was opened and Cleveland’s dad and mom went to work, his brother went to work and he himself had orientation at the Kroc Center (a theatre) and I was left home without a key incase I felt like leaving, with Ginger – their dog. A very easy going, old dog that sleeps 23 hours a day. She’s fine, she’s lovely, but i was BORED. Upon his return from orientation I asked him to get me out of the house, it was day 3 and it was MUCH more clear in the air than the last few days. He took me to K-Mart for Oreos and mixed nuts – that’s what I was craving and we just walked around the air conditioned store looking at christmas decorations. His mom made comments about the cookies before dinner, just like she did the day before when she saw me eating ice cream before dinner. Now. . . keep in mind I didn’t grow up eating at the table with family – our schedules never allowed it. When we were hungry, we ate and around 4 or 5pm means snack time for me and dinner is at 7/7:30pm. His family is very eat at the table oriented with phrases like “please pass the butter and rolls” attached – a talent I only used at fancy shmancy restaurants. SO – now I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing eating cookies, but you know what – I was craving them, and that’s what I do when i crave food. I eat it, because if I don’t I eat it I will eat EVERYTHING else. PLUS if you’re a girl you’ve probably caught on to the fact that my purchases were salt and sugar which means SOMETHING IN PARTICULAR was going on that week. But all I could think of was “they are waiting for me to tell them I’m pregnant to excuse my eating habbits” and by the by, No – I’m not, thank you. I may LOOK pregnant because my natural size is that of plus not petite or “average” and yes maternity clothes would fit me even now, but rest assure there is no bun in my oven.


we came home friday to a mildly smoke surrounded apartment but were able to open the windows by saturday. I’ve been coughing since last wednesday and last night more cold symptoms have surfaced. I figured the cough originated from smoke and now its moved towards the cold like cough, accompanied with the sniffles and a sore throat and mild fever last night.

Today I survived work having not been in almost a week, but felt off my game and slow. I picked up a shift tomorrow at the hour of 5:45 in the am til 2pm and hope that dayquil or something of the sort will not be necessary and will buy some candy incase kids come by tomorrow night. Antoan told me i had too, and I pretty much do almost anything he says =) (gotta love your best friends) As well as doing laundry, because there is MUCH of it after 10 days or so.

Oh, and I got a painting of the moulin rouge framed (it was a gift from my friend Elle, it was hanging in her house and I told her. . .4 years ago that when she was ready to get rid of it I’d take it, and last christmas she gave it to me). Yay

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