1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more

this is a note to remind myself of what i want to write:

part 3. I don’t remember any of this. I’m sure I don’t remember ANY of it. drink number 4 = 2 shots of vodka per drink with orange juice and cranberry juice. tell the story of what you remember from “scream” then tell the story of what you watched on halloween. Right down to the hairstyles of your friend Courtney. with highlights in the first film, low red lights in the second and long black hair with SUPER short bangs for the 3rd one. I’m convinced that I’ve never seen this, but i know I have – I know I was forced to when it came out. Forced = Tricked by the by.

Patrick Dempsey? really? jenny ….something – not Garth. Jenny the X- Bunny now dating Jim Carey

again – lol, 4 drinks now each with a measured 2 shots of Vodka

I’m glad that Duey didn’t die in part 2 like I thought he did.. . . like I “remembered” he did.

fun spot from Silent Bob and Jay

LOL, Cleveland has called me to tell me he is on his way home from Zombie Prom and told me Johnnny…..LOL JENNNY’s last name is McArthy (sp?) lOL and I keep my phone dropping. . . dropping my phone. . . he’s gonna get me cold medication!!!!! this is a good thing! and toilet paper, because we’re on the last roll.

seriously I don’t remember watching this and YET. . . . YET i KNOW that I have.

stay tuned.

drunken A.I. – out.

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