Year in Review

Inspired by my good friend Anna Ashford here is my year in review. Note – Its not very exciting, sometimes the most exciting time in my life was food, others were. . .well – you’ll see.

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JANUARY I rung in the new year visiting my best friend antoan and we went to the zoo and I found out I weighed as much as a baby rhino. Not exactly fantastic, but I have to be willing to put myself out there you know? We also made the moldings for our TANTALUS project with Foss and my Pseudo Nephew Aaron, turned 3. And Cleveland received his acceptance letter to SDSU.

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FEBRUARY we opened The Man Who Came To Dinner, Cleveland and I had junk food snacks for our Valentines dinner, sooooo good. We had a small Superbowl party at our apartment and I waited on all the guys so they wouldn’t have to get up from the TV and miss any part of the game. All the ladies and JP from my class came over for some Body Shop pampering and Tropical Beverages, followed by sleeping.

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MARCH Cleveland turned 26 we had junk food for dinner that day too. . . a pattern is beginning isn’t it? I got up north to see my friend Jack and my wife Caitlin (yes, MY wife) and I don’t remember anything about school. I’m sure I was in rehearsal, and tired but remaining focused.

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APRIL Easter we had. . .junk food for dinner! I went to VEGAS for my birthday, Ro flew out from New York and Antoan came in from Utah. The Trilogy enjoyed pancakes and coffee, Miss Elzon and Michael came over and we all had Bullet Made Daiquiri’s. The Chalk Circle opened, I was not cast but of course went to opening night and Andy Philpot told me my shoes were sexy. Enough said.

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MAY I was given the roll of Death in my class project entitled “Blood Wedding” it was an amazing experience, and Anna Ashford video taped me putting on my Death Makeup and its on now, and I graduated PCPA. The Trilogy sat together; my sister had a graduation party for me, and Cleveland and I went to Disneyland.

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JUNE we had a yard sale to raise money for our wedding. $1200 at the end of the day!! My sister and Mommie threw me a super fun Bridal Shower and many lady friends attended, and Casi won a prize with Double Bingo. Daaaaana and I had “date night” at Novo and Kitten was our server hehehee. Brighteyes and BreeAnn had birthdays celebrated at Harry’s in Pismo with our favorite Front Row Karaoke God, Kevin. And I was a part of the Relay 4 Life all-nighter in SLOville on the Re-Castaways Team. I totally won at Twister.

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JULY my pseudo nephew Atreyu turned one and I had a bachelorette party in downtown SLO. In attendance were Sister, Gracee, Kitten, and Daaaaanaa. We totally did karaoke that night. Cleveland’s best friend Eric L’Heureux got married on 7/7/07, the following week Ro and Antoan and I went to the Atascadero Zoo, and we had our wedding in Atascadero on 7/14/07. A Theatre themed party the programs were playbills, people received tickets with their invitations and my husband, of course, sound designed the show. We totally did the Thriller Dance at the reception.

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AUGUST we moved to Vista, CA so Cleveland could go to school at SDSU and finish getting his bachelors degree, he wants to get his masters afterwards. I really don’t remember anything about August, accept moving.

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SEPTEMPBER my pseudo nephew Peanut turned two and my brother the Smurf (Ben) and his wife Jenn had a baby boy named Samuel Adachi Mersai, coining the new nickname for my brother as “papa smurf.” Cleveland and I were able to get up north to meet the babester when he was a day old. My friend PG had a baby shower, and popped with a newborn named Nathan. Caitlin and Jared came down south to visit.

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OCTOBER I went up to visit family, my mother-in-law made us curtains for our bedroom windows and the San Diego FireStorm caused a lot of people to be left homeless. We were far enough away to not be evacuated by the air quality was horrible and ashy, everyone stayed indoors for weeks. I watched the Scream Trilogy in its entirety on Halloween, then again the next day with Commentary.

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NOVEMBER I went to Medieval Times with Kevin and Vicki for Kevin’s birthday. He’d never been. We sat in Royalty and got pictures with out knight afterwards. I actually started pulling Christmas decorations out early, I was bored and Thanksgiving was spent with Cleveland’s parents and brother Daniel in Temecula. I rode Daniel’s quad. Never ridden ANYTHING like it before, stalled a few times but made it up the block. I met up with Caitlin her mom and aunt at David’s Bridal for Caitlin to try on wedding dresses – so much fun.

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DECEMBER a month still in the making, thus far. . . my youngest brother has turned 15 and his High School Basketball Team won the Championship game that I actually got to attend while visiting. We went Christmas light looking and decorated the tree at my mom’s house. That’s always fun because there are no regular ornaments; all the ornaments were home made by us kids growing up and there are a few gift ornaments as well. We had home made hot chocolate with home made marshmallows compliments of ben n jenn and Christmas is right around the corner. . . More to come on this month I’m sure.

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