time for review a la green apron

I’ve been working. . . Sporting The Green Apron for 3 1/2 years now. We get reviews every 6 months. Every review there are a series of questions that I have to be rated on.

1 – below expectation
2 – meets expectation
3 – exceeds expectation

Every review I’ve had an average of 2.5 or higher by meeting and exceeding their expectations resulting in a ____% increase. Normally around $.20

Today was my review. Unfortunately for me the manager at my store is new. The manager that transferred me in in August left the company (after 10 years) in early december and completed some reviews, but not all – I was one that was not completed. Therefore our new manager who came to our store on Monday, as in Today is tuesday so he’s been there for 8 days, with whom I’ve worked perhaps a total of 2 hours had to give me my review. My small saving grace, he’s from my old district, knows my old manager (both of my managers in AG, he didn’t meet the manager here) So he knows who trained me, Mat, and knows how Mat works and believes that in the event we had worked together more that I would meet all of the expectations. So my score was a solid 2 overall. He apologized for the problem and he said in six months he’s sure he’ll report many 3’s in my favor but he needs to have time with me. Which is fare for him, and only slightly sucks for me. So instead of my “normal” ish $.20 raise, it was $.18 That’s okay – I’ll take it. Money is money right now and we all need some and could use it and I don’t know that it would have been much higher had he worked with me longer. What I do know is he restored my belief in this company. I was beginning to feel really let down, and not being heard and being “new” to the store didn’t mean I was new to the company but people get set in their ways. Lucky for me, my “old” ways, which are also my “current” ways are going to become NEW ways for other people giving me a head start. My cleaning ways, my drink ways, my prep ways – all of them.

I’m excited to work with him, I’m excited to see what he does with this store and with the cast and crew and he is excited to have me in his store.

Those of you that worked with Dan in Santa Maria at the small lobby store (ie Eleise moore, Michelle Burns and Ashley Flann you know who this is too) he is my new store manager in Vista, CA and we totally talk about you.

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  1. Mmmmm… Dan… handsomest barista in Santa Maria.

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