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I went on a mild spending splurge and bought some scrapbook stuff the other day. For my bridal shower, bachelorette party and a nice scrapbook for our wedding. We had contemplated ordering a fancy shmancy book with the pictures printed onto the page, then I decided that wasn’t really “us.” Then we thought about just a photo album we could put 4 x 6’s in, lots of albums are pretty for those. Then I just thought, I’m not a great scrap booker, but how ‘ bout I scrap book our wedding. It was such a fun event. There was some traditional stuff, the “show” was funny, with sound effects, the speaking was all underscored beautifully by either Somewhere in Time, Titanic themes (just piano music) or music from American President (the one with Annette Benning (sorry if its spelled wrong) and Michael Douglas. There were hints of things like the ever popular “Mahwage. Maahwage is wot bwings us togetha, tOday” Our programs were playbills and tickets were sent with the invitations to come see our show “somebody’s getting married” Our reception was the same. Some traditional stuff, some toasts, some karaoke!!!!!! we had the garter and bouquet toss and we had a blue m&m toss and a green m&m toss for the married men and women (our cake topper was a blue and green m&m, so it all got tied together) It just seems right that we’d document our day by cutting pictures and making collages, using stickers and ribbon. SO – my mild shopping spree was all for a good cause!!!!!!!!

I also bought stuff for other projects too. . .

I pushed back starting Esthetician school til March 25. I have some Matron of Honor duties (for my wife Caitlin) and some extra stuff for our wedding DVD to do.

Speaking of our WAY FREAKING COOL WEDDING DVD. Ashley Beem, from Beem Video is my video HERO. She sent us a copy earlier this month. It has the teaser (i posted that here a while ago) a 25/30 minute Highlight reel and an Extended Version. She did SUCH a good job on it, I seriously watch it almost every day. She even put it to fun musical wedding show tunes and it is edited to go with the music. Unbelievable how great it is. We are adding some fun things to it and creating a “2 Disc Special Edition” for family and we’ve even been asked by some friends if they can purchase a copy. So, if you want one – you let me know and I can order them. lol

They will all be done end of Spring time ish. My sister is designing a super fun DVD cover for the cases and everything. So fun!!!!!!!!!

On a different note, I was thinking about Kaza the other day. actually for a couple weeks there movies had been on that were always “our” movies and songs on the radio. it really was like a divorce or breakup of some kind. Sometimes its hard, sometimes life is just easier. and when I sit and analyze it with Antoan or Kitten I realize I really miss the time when it was just she and I at the barn. Those days were wonderful. That was the same time the gang would all go to Sunset Dunes every week to play with Kevin and no one had husbands or wives or kids. Well, Joel and Amy were married but you know what I mean! People are just growing up now. Its wierd. Its not bad AT ALL. I love all of my friends, their spouses, and their children. i go to the birthday parties, I go to their weddings, I had my own and now I’m helping Caitlin with her wedding. But I without a doubt miss “the good ol’ days” Life was all about going to my 8-5pm job at Embassy Suites, playing with my friends and being home with “Mahroomah” I do hope she is well. I sometimes hear her voice as I remember the horrible card she sent me and I get angry angry angry. Then i remember that we both have our sides, that we both experienced something hard and I remember chosing to move on. What I appreciate are the friends that kept both of us in their lives. I had received a few emails from people telling me how horrible I was and how could I, without being able to share my side of the story and those people never talk to me now. And I know its hard for me to, say, go see my friend PG and somehow Kaza will come up and she wants to see PG’s new baby and I get almost offended. Because in my brain PG was “my” friend first. But I could never tell her she has to chose. Kaza and PG were roomates when I moved out to Burbank and PG has always been around. They are friends and I have to accept that. sometimes its hard though and I want to somehow lay claim on people. I know that that is childish and selfish – I KNOW. what’s important is that i DON’T try to lay claim on people. I may want to, but I get over it when I realize I would hate it if Kaza told them they had to chose her or me. Then I’m just glad that my friends stayed my friends and other stuff doesn’t matter.

Subject Change again:
Cleveland (Jeffrey, my ….HUSBAND!!! hahahaha) may be able to graduate in December instead of next year. some of his crew work for the school counts as credit for some of his classes and he will probably take a class or two during the summer and then go full time in the fall again. After he gets his bachelors degree, he wants to either attend UCLA or UCI for his masters. We’ll see. He hates school most of the time because its stuff he’s not interested in, but he has to do it for the piece of paper. I’m proud of him for sticking through it all. He goes to school full time and has 3 jobs. PetCo 2 days a week and he works for the Kroc Center when ever they call for him and he now also works at Moonlight Theatre Company. He leaves as early as 7:45am and sometimes isn’t home till 11:30pm.

We did agree, however, to both take Sunday’s off so we have a day together. Sometimes we go out and play all day, other days we don’t do anything but sit on the couch and watch episode after episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Change again:
My brother the Smurf (Ben) turned 21 last week. We had sushi for dinner then went drinking. He didn’t get drunk, but he got a little happy and a little silly. I interviewed him at the end of the night and taped it on George (my digital camera) but the file is too big to put on youtube. Anyone have a good idea where I can upload it so I can send it to our family?

I guess that’s it for now. That’s all I got. When i was intown my dad BBQ’d its always SOOOOOOOOOOOO good when he cooks and I brought home all of the leftovers. It’s almost all gone now – I’m gonna go have me some tri tip!!!

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