just another day, really.

A couple weeks ago I told Cleveland I wanted Jr. High present for Valentines day. His face altered into what we all know as a confused “huh?” face. I laughed and said, you’re gone too much so I want a stuffed animal with your cologne on it. He laughed with me and said okay. I told him no bears though. I really have received some bears in my life and am kind of over the bear thing.

This morning he had to leave for school at 9:30am and I slept for another 1/2 hour. When I rolled over my nostrils filled with a familiar scent. I honestly didn’t think much of the smell of his cologne. He doesn’t wear it all the time, sometimes he wears it to school, sometimes not. I opened my eyes and there was a little stuffed wolf purched on his pillow. He LOVES wolves, they are his favorite. We have wolf pictures up in the house and he wants to get a dog that looks like a wolf (i know, hello shedding!) It was cute. He remembered – a VERY big deal since he NEVER remembers ANYTHING…….EVER. hahahaha

But alas its 7:30pm and he’s at work (live mixing Route 66 for Moonlight Stage Productions). He’ll be home around 10pm. We’ll have some popcorn and watch some TV on the couch.

Valentines day thus far, the past few years we’ve been together have been carb fests full of junk food and no regrets. =) Today though, I did go to the gym so hopefully it will all even out. hahahah

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  1. I really have received some bears in my time…
    Hahahaha! Oh, Aiyani, that’s brilliant. Sometimes you quite remind me of my sister. That’s a good thing. =]

  2. I love your husband. And you. And Tyler Lopez is beating you to visiting me. He’s coming March 10th. Please come someday!

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