Another day, another try. I have gone back and forth with my weight issues for 10 years now. I get in a good place with my eating and exercising then stop. No idea why and it takes me a few weeks to get back on the wagon, just so I can complain 3 weeks later that if I hadn’t stopped for 3 weeks I would be at 6+ weeks by now.

sigh. I’m not angry with myself. I actually don’t eat terribly. We don’t really have fast food, maybe once in a while when its too late to cook, and we don’t have food in the fridge anyway. I know I don’t eat enough veggies and fruits. shakes head. I just want instant gratification! I need a better goal. I need something to shoot for that is motivating enough to help me make better choices. I make good choices, I need to make better choices.

On the plus side. heh, pun not intended I recently discovered I have great plus size proportions. I know that I am considered a “plus size” girl but I actually took measurements and what do you know. 46-36-46. The only mild problem is my tummy. My natural waist, the smallest part, is 36″ I need to shrink down my tummy by my belly button and my pooch that exists only to cause me mental problems. =) I’m told all girls have this little pooch, I don’t really see it on others unless they are extremely large. “skinny” girls definitely don’t have them and when they say they do I want to kick them. if you are a skinny girl don’t take offense but also don’t say you have a pooch when you know you don’t. I know we’re all made differently but knock it off.

On an entirely different subject I had a good talk with my MIL the other night. I really haven’t been myself around them (she, her husband and daniel, Jeffrey’s brother) since I met them. That’s about 2 1/2 years now She has said some things that I take one way and then get offended and then I act differently around her and it just happened again and again. My step-mother Terry and I talked alot about it and she convinced me to talk with her just one and one, and it was great. I feel much better now. Much MUCH better and now I think we can have a better relationship.

Jeffrey and I got 1 year membership cards to the Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo yesterday. Mentor had purchased tickets for as a wedding gift so we upgraded them to a membership. We’re going to try to spend more time together not sitting in front of the TV or just sitting on the couch playing on the computer. We also have our fun passes to Sea World we can use.

Things are okay here. I don’t have anyone to play with here so it can get lonely alot of the time. But the Smurf n Jenn and the baby are going to move in June so that will be better and Jeffrey goes back to SRT this summer. He leaves at the end of may and will come back in July. Two years ago he sound designed 5 shows for them, last summer he didn’t work for them and they apparently didn’t get as good of product from whomever they did hire. So they offered him 3 shows this summer for more money than when he did 5. He’s excited and I’m happy for him.

I start esthetician school on 3.25.08 and should be done in september.

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  1. Here’s some weight loss inspiration…at least it inspires me.
    After my friend had her second baby, she realized that she’d never lost the weight from the first baby and she’d packed on additional poundage with the second. She started eating half her normal portions and walking. Each week she lost, on average a pound. She would get frustrated with her measly pound (as I do) but she kept with her “program”.
    We don’t see each other more than four times a year, so the first time I saw her after the baby, I thought, hmmm…she looks like she’s lost a little weight. The second time I saw her, I asked her how much she’d lost and she told me 15 lbs. She looked great, but she kept plugging away.
    I saw her a couple weekends ago, a year after she first started trying to lose the weight and she looked amazing. She went from a size 16 to a size 6. And she’s done it all one pound a week. She said that after a year, a pound a week really adds up. She’s lost over 50 pounds, doing it one little pound at a time.
    I was so inspired when I saw her at New Year’s (before she’d even completed her weight loss) that I decided that I’d try a pound a week and see where I am in a year. So far, it’s been nine weeks and I’ve lost 11 pounds. Just a little over that pound a week. Every other time I’ve tried to lose weight, I’d get frustrated by small losses and quit. I want Biggest Loser losses, dang it! Now I think of each pound as a drop in the bucket. At some point that bucket is going to fill up, even one drop at a time. Then I can kick that friggin’ bucket to the curb!

  2. san clemente
    My jeff and I are going to be in San clemente March 31-April 5th. we were talking about going to SD too. maybe we could do lunch or something!

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